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Educating MobileIron on the NOC

Today #BBFactCheck challenges MobileIron’s perception of the NOC – BlackBerry’s Network Operations Center, or the “mission control” of our infrastructure. The white paper could use some proofreading, but it’s the inaccuracies that we’re addressing now. MobileIron is ill-informed about the benefits and capabilities of our architecture, so we’ve picked up the red pen and made some edits to help set them straight.

You can download a copy of the whitepaper today. (Click on ‘Save’ in the upper-right of the SlideShare widget, or click on the SlideShare text in bottom left in order to log-in and enable downloads). In that version, you’ll be able to click on our red text to read more about what BlackBerry really offers and how we are a better choice for customers.

Download PDF Version here.

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