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BBM Team Asks: What is your Worst/Best #WishICouldRetract moment

BBM / 10.31.14 / Adam Longstaff

We’ve all been there: that all-blood-rushing-to-your-face moment when you’ve realized that you’ve sent your message to the wrong person. Luckily, with the latest version of BBM, you can now easily retract messages.

But we want to know what you did before.

How far have you gone to make sure that your message was never read? Over the next week, we want to hear your accidental message horror stories. Share your best and worst in the comments below or on Twitter @BBM using the hashtag #WishICouldRetract.

I’ll get you started. Here’s one way to “retract” messages without BBM. It’s the first in a series showing the extremes used to take back control over instant messages – we definitely recommend you just update your BBM.

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