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Q and A: How BlackBerry Passport Empowers this Clinical Research CEO


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If you’ve ever heard that “the early bird gets the worm,” it should come as no surprise that people were eager to get the BlackBerry Passport in their hands for the “I had it first” factor, and to master its productivity power before everyone else.


I caught up with one early user, Janet McDougall, who says the BlackBerry Passport “screams business” and is already helping her get more done as president/owner of her pharmaceutical statistics firm, McDougall Scientific Ltd.

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Watts: Thanks for catching up with me, Janet. Let’s start with why you decided to get a BlackBerry Passport.

McDougall: First and foremost, it was worth the wait! I’m a long-term BlackBerry user and a Canadian. This is my seventh BlackBerry, and I was really excited about going back to the keyboard. When the device was released, I immediately went to Best Buy to get mine and get it activated.

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