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The BlackBerry Keyboard Syndrome: Side Effects Include Typo-Free Productivity and 300-Page Novels

DEVICES / 10.14.14 / Brea

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Nothing says productivity like a physical keyboard. The confidence and assurance it gives that you’ll type out every word as quickly as your thumbs will allow with minimal errors is unmatched. And as we’ve stated before “BlackBerry is renowned for having the best keyboard experience in the industry, which allows our customers to write and respond to messages with amazing accuracy.”

But don’t just take our word for it or, reviewers talking about their experience with the BlackBerry Passport’s keyboard (see right).

keyboard-flick-to-typeWe caught up with three characters whose words you can believe: Each developed full-length literary works in the palms of their hands. These writers relied on BlackBerry devices to turn thoughts into texts that don’t require auto-correct. Writers who had the novel idea to put mobile productivity to the test and crank out full-length books in the midst of meetings, standing in line, and any other breaks in…

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Brea Watts is a lifestyle blogger with a hint of content and social media marketing expertise. She's also an occasional contributor to the BlackBerry Business Blog, and a Bay Area native who loves cooking and creativity.