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Celebs, Fans and Partners Weigh In on the BlackBerry Classic: Have Your Say

BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Classic sketch

It takes a certain something to be dubbed a classic. To me, classic means something that is time-tested, trusted and reliable. Which is one of the reasons that it makes sense for our next device to bear that name. The BlackBerry Classic promises to have that familiar, trusted BlackBerry feel that has been at the heart of mobility for countless enterprises and enterprising minds alike. It is something nostalgic, something that draws one to rediscover the accuracy and confidence of a mobile physical keyboard because typos, autocorrects . . . mistakes, are not tolerable in your world.

Classic has many different meanings and inspirations. We’ve asked some of our most passionate fans, customers and partners to share what classic means to them and I’ve shared them below for you to read. You too can have your say: Tell us what classic means to you in the comments or using the hashtag #BlackBerryClassic in social media.

Tim Allen (Award Winning Actor and Comedian)- USA

“The authentic and the original…the Classic…and now with more power.”

tim allen copo camaro

Louis Banks (Grammy Award-nominated film composer and jazz musician)

Louis Banks (Grammy Award-nominated film composer & musician)

Louis Banks (Grammy Award-nominated film composer and jazz musician) – India

“Classic to me echoes that classic jazz note that stands out when listened to in today’s day and age of EDM, Rap and Hip hop. That timeless melody that never fades away but only oozes with class and it is forever eternal.”


Jeff Deline (MLSE, Vice President of Global Partnerships)

Jeff Deline (MLSE, Vice President of Global Partnerships)


Rina Dhaka (Fashion Designer)

Rina Dhaka (Fashion Designer)

Jeff Deline (MLSE, Vice President of Global Partnerships) – Canada

“A classic stands the test of time. It’s a standard that others try to emulate, but to me, if it’s a classic, it just can’t be beaten.”

Rina Dhaka (Fashion Designer) – India

“Classic is something that we can run season after season without it looking vintage or futuristic…it’s a timeless essential, say a black trouser, black tank or a white shirt – you can never go wrong with that.”

Hillary Farr (Host of Love It or List It on HGTV) – United Kingdom

“Smythson of London notepaper for hand-written Thank You notes. Dinner by hand-made, pure beeswax candlelight. Aston Martin DB5.”

"Smythson of Bond Street" by Christofer Lundstedt via Creative Commons

“Smythson of Bond Street” by Christofer Lundstedt via Creative Commons

Roland Heiler (Managing Director of the Porsche Design Studio) – Germany

“Classic objects start their lives being new and outstanding. ‎Over time, if they don’t lose their relevance, they become classics. You can’t decide to create a classic, you can only find out later that you did.”

Will Jelbert (Author, The Happiness Animal) – Australia

“The word itself is made of class. Once born, a classic will always be reborn. The class may take new form, but it’s familiar, offering an instant connection, and excitement. “

Hueing Lim (Customer Service Manager, BlackBerry) – Singapore

“When I think Classic, I visualize people and things which have been judged throughout different stages of eras and prove to be outstanding within its league.

No matter how hard you try, you will never find another Audrey Hepburn nor Grace Kelly. A classic is never meant to be compared or replaced as it is a class of its own.”

Michèle Maheux (Chief Operating Officer, Toronto International Film Festival) – Canada

“My go-to little black dress, my grandmother’s wedding pearls, a 1940s cinema icon, and the perfect book for a quiet Sunday afternoon read – that’s Classic.

An idea, a person, a thing a place that stands the test of time – that’s Classic.”

Shabazz Mohammed (NBA Player, Minnesota Timberwolves)

Shabazz Mohammed (NBA Player, Minnesota Timberwolves)

Shabazz Mohammed (NBA Player, Minnesota Timberwolves) – USA

“Classic means to me original, the blueprint of something that was at its best!!!”


S. Rocky (Fashion Designer)

S. Rocky (Fashion Designer)

S. Rocky (Fashion Designer) – India

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance, fashion changes but CLASSIC style endures”.


Richard Leonardo Fuenteal Villar (BlackBerry Elite Member) – Chile

“I’m an Investigations Officer with the Police in Chile, and “Classic” has a special meaning, because I’m transported back in time to the history of the Police, which dates back to the time of the Chilean Cologne era…something that makes us proud is the evolution of our vehicles, which has lasted the test of time and demands what our work entails.


This is why the image I’ve included of these cars reflects our ‘Classic’ story through the transformation of police cars through the years.”

Michael Wekerle (CEO Difference Capital & Dragon’s Den personality) – Canada

“When I think Classic, I think nostalgia! Music! ART! Timeless! Legendary. What is old is new again, as in period instruments (violins) from the 1700’s, which we have taken to electrified strings (guitars).

Classic is the perfect noun for the next BlackBerry. The Rock Star of devices.
Timeless, legendary, faster, easier. It’s my preference for the New Generation of business person, or should I say busy person?”

What does classic mean to you? Sound off in the comments or on social media using #BlackBerryClassic.

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