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Roundup: Media and Users Laud BlackBerry Blend for Security, Mobility and Productivity

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Blend_Launch_LinkedIn_646x220People have been raving about the BlackBerry Passport since the device launched in September. The keyboard is best in business for communication, and can be used to write novels or detailed reviews.

But one of the best features introduced in the Passport is BlackBerry Blend, software that allows you to receive and respond to all of your messages, emails, texts and files on any device, anytime and anywhere you have Internet access.

BlackBerry Blend enhances the productivity of today’s professional by accommodating a pair of key trends. First, workers like to use the best tool for the job. If you’re trying to read a bunch of documents and answer dozens of e-mails, you might be more productive on a laptop or tablet. But it can be frustrating and time consuming to physically transfer files from your BlackBerry smartphone to your PC or tablet. Blend lets you avoid that, which…

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