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Here’s How Much These Users Want the BlackBerry Classic

There’s a saying, from an unknown person, about loyalty:  Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.

You’ve been loyal to our brand, honest with your feedback, and trusted us. We’ve really appreciated your support and loyalty over the years. You spoke, and we listened.

On Wednesday, John Chen sent out an open letter aimed at current and former BlackBerry users.  The message was simple:  The things that you remember and loved about BlackBerry that kept you securely connected, productive, and made you better, are better than ever with the BlackBerry Classic.

We’re excited to bring you this device, and judging by the responses we’ve seen after we made our first announcement about the Classic, it’s clear you are too:









Even CNN Money chimed in:

The response online has been positive, and we’re beyond excited to share more with you. To stay up to date on availability information and news about the BlackBerry Classic, head over to and sign up today.

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