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Why Apple SIM is not the Enterprise Mobility Solution that CIOs are Looking for

11.10.14 / Eric Lai

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There was excitement over Apple’s recent announcement that the cellular-enabled model of its iPad Air 2 will come with a SIM card provided by Apple. Issued by mobile carriers or their resellers, SIM cards do what their long name – Subscriber Identification Module – suggest: verify the identity of a subscriber so that carriers can route calls and offer the right service to it. In practice, SIM cards are used by carriers to lock its customers to them, which is why some observers have hailed the Apple SIM as a big boon for consumers that could herald the beginning of the end of SIM cards themselves.

carsten brinkschulte pic

Such predictions may be premature, according to Carsten Brinkschulte, (left) Senior Vice-President for Enhanced Network Services at BlackBerry. He was CEO of Movirtu, a UK company that provides virtual SIM technology that was acquired by BlackBerry this summer. Brinkschulte…

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