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Roundup: Media and Users Agree, BBM Meetings’ Mobile-First Collaboration is Better Value for Businesses

BBM / 12.11.14 / Brea

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A few weeks ago, we introduced you to BBM Meetings, a better way for businesses to collaborate using mobile devices as well as PCs. BBM Meetings was designed to address issues workers face today, such as needing to communicate and collaborate with colleagues that are always on-the-go. Joining meetings virtually isn’t something new, but today’s current collaboration apps do not deliver an easy meeting experience for the end user who is outside of the office. That’s the problem we solve.

As stated in a previous blog post, BBM Meetings is more than just instant messaging and video calling. With BBM Meetings you can skip dial-in codes, mute background noise, share presentations, and turn a multi-person chat into a live meeting at any time on any device. Talk about a time saver!

But as always, don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what the media and users have to say about BBM Meetings.

Thoughts From The Reporters

  • “On the surface, BBM Meetings seems just like any other collaboration service, but there are a few things that set it apart. Here’s why it could be the next mobile meeting tool for your business.” Sara Angeles, Business News Daily
  • Meetings is another sign that Chen’s priorities are in the right place – BlackBerry needs to focus on offering this kind of enterprise service, at a cost advantage compared to other providers, and using its strengths (BBM) while acknowledging the changed market (cross-platform) to succeed.” Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch
  • This program has been developed, keeping in mind the needs of a mobile phone user, whereas most of the current collaboration programs were designed for a standard PC user, thus making BBM™ Meetings a much more user-friendly and reliable collaboration software.” Thea Neuman, BlackBerry Rocks
  • “BBM Meetings: a cloud-based, cross-platform video and audio conferencing service that doesn’t actually require a BES. Not too many surprises here—it looks like a solid product. One unique feature that I like is it can automatically call all meeting participants when a meeting starts. If you’re tired of people dialing into meetings late, this could be awesome!” Jack Madden, Brian Madden Blog
  • “Perhaps the most convenient aspect of Meetings is that the service will give you a ring when it’s time for a scheduled conference call, letting you skip the mess of dialing in and having to enter PIN numbers — avoiding these great opportunities to dial incorrectly — or having to sift through emails to find the call-in information.” Kia Kokalitcheva, VentureBeat

User Opinions

BBM Meetings review1 BBM Meetings review2 BBM Meetings review3 BBM Meetings review4



BBM Meetings also received a 4.2 rating from users on the Google Play Store.

BBM Meetings review5 BBM Meetings review6 BBM Meetings review7 BBM Meetings review8

Now that you’ve read the reviews, what are your thoughts? Give BBM Meetings a try and let us know how it works for your business!



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