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BBM 2.0 Now Available for Windows Phone Users

12.15.14 / Melanie M

Great news! Starting today, Windows Phone users are getting several new BBM features, offering them new ways to chat and share with more privacy and control over their communications.

The Windows Phone BBM update introduces privacy and control features including timed messages and message retraction. Now with access to the BBM Shop, users can liven up their Windows Phone BBM chats by purchasing and using BBM Stickers.

Don and I sat down to chat about all that BBM 2.0 has to offer. Check out the videos for the details:

BBM Shop with Stickers

Users can now chat with larger, bolder and more expressive images than emoticons. It makes the BBM experience more engaging and fun. You can also personalize your chats with colleagues, family, friends, peers and partners.

Timed Messages:

By setting a timer, you can control how long your contacts can view the BBM messages and pictures you share with them. The message is hidden until the recipient touches and holds on the chat. Then, once the timer has expired (or if the recipient takes their finger off the screen), the message is no longer visible. The user will receive a notification if BBM detects that the recipient has taken a screenshot of the image or message.

Message Retraction:

Users can now retract their message to remove it from their BBM chat, either before it has been read by the recipient or after it has been read so that it is no longer visible within the BBM chat.

Update your BBM today and let us know what you think of BBM 2.0 for Windows Phone in the comments.

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