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My Classic BlackBerry Story

DEVICES / 12.01.14 / Adam Longstaff


With talks of the BlackBerry Classic circling, I started thinking about what  makes a classic. We all have something that defines classic for us. Whether it’s a movie, a car, a song, etc., there is something that epitomizes what it represents.

My History

Being a local, I’ve been surrounded by BlackBerry for at least 15 years. I grew up just down the road from the headquarters in Waterloo. I drove by the campus every day on my way to school and remember a point when it seemed like every other person you met worked at BlackBerry.

Before I started as a co-op student, writing for BlackBerry, I originally worked here as campus security. With my return, things, for me, have been somewhat cyclical. This got me thinking about the company, its devices, and the industry as a whole and I have to say, my perception of BlackBerry has changed. I’m proud to see the company that has been the symbol of productivity and efficiency return to its roots.

I never owned a BlackBerry device for personal use, but, through the years have used many for work. My impressions of the older devices, were less than complimentary, to be honest. Likely because I had been using hand-me-down work only devices, my experiences had been frustrating. I tell you this, because as I dive into the next portion of this post, know that I am not waxing nostalgic.

Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse BlackBerry

I’m happy to say that, in my recent experience using a modern BlackBerry and getting to work on some very fascinating product launches, I am changing my story. Now that I’ve had consistent exposure to the BlackBerry Z30 (my regular work device) and the BlackBerry Passport (for the creation of this  blog), I’ll gladly admit to becoming a BlackBerry convert.

What made me switch? I finally had reasons to need everything that BlackBerry offered. I finally caught on to what everyone seemed to know: for getting stuff done, BlackBerry is the way to go. I have three simple reasons why I’m going to make my next device a BlackBerry.

  1. The Best Keyboard Experiences

Both the virtual keyboard of the BlackBerry Z30 and the  responsive touch keyboard of the BlackBerry Passport made everything easier. The intuitive flick-to-type makes typing effortless. Even the BlackBerry Z30 is intuitive enough to compensate for my mega-thumbs.

  1. Connectivity

I’m really happy that I can have everything in one place. The BlackBerry Hub allows me to see everything that comes my way. From emails, to social notifications, to chats; the Hub has everything is one place for me to see and respond to. It allows me to stay on top of everything. Throw in BBM, and I’m able to reach everyone securely and reliably.

  1. Reliability

I know that I can depend on my BlackBerry to handle everything I throw at it. The security keeps my information safe and the battery life lasts longer than even my longest and most demanding day.

For me, these make up BlackBerry’s identity and the BlackBerry Classic revives that familial trust amongst our most dedicated customers. It reinforces what our diehards knew long before I did: a BlackBerry is not just classic, it’s a business staple.

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