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What Happens when CNET Gives a BlackBerry Fan the Floor?

Here’s an early holiday present from online news site CNET: columnist Lee Koo has given the floor to a BlackBerry fan, and the results are pretty awesome.

Koo writes: “While I was scouting out comments by members on BlackBerry content for my readers reaction column, I took notice of member Nate650 — I realized he was actively engaged and present in almost every BlackBerry article or product review on CNET…I personally contacted Nate650 via email and asked him if he’d like to write a few paragraphs on [BlackBerry and he] emailed me back with not only a few paragraphs about why he thought BlackBerry is well-positioned to rebound, but he also added quotes from a few fellow member comments as well. Talk about a well-thought-out piece!“

So, what did “Nate650” (we’ll call him “Nate”) have to say? He begins:

“To this day, reader comments such as ‘What’s a BlackBerry?’ or ‘BlackBerry is still around?’ are prevalent in CNET BlackBerry-related articles . . . Here’s why I don’t share that sentiment and why BlackBerry is well-positioned to rebound.”BB_Passport_PrintAd_XRAY_Final-960

On the BlackBerry Passport:

“In a market dominated by widescreen slabs of glass and plastic, the recently released Passport is a bold move that demonstrates BlackBerry’s willingness to take risks…BlackBerry’s ‘Work Wide’ campaign with the Passport looks compelling, with ads such as this one demonstrating the advantages of the Passport’s square screen.”

On BlackBerry OS 10

“BlackBerry’s latest operating system [is built on] QNX, which many people are surprised to learn powers the infotainment systems in many cars [and] has many compelling features. Message handling is seamless and allows one to view messages from all sources . . . in one place. [T]he Hub, is accessible from any screen of the OS by swiping from the bottom bezel up and to the right. Since a smartphone is first and foremost a communications tool, having messaging built into the core in such a manner makes sense.”

Nate makes special note of the browser, which, as he points out, “’obliterates the competition’ according to speed tests conducted by New Relic.”

“Many people are also surprised to learn that BB10 is capable of running most Android apps. In response to a comment I recently posted highlighting this feature, reader IVIUPPET writes, ‘Oh I didn’t know that, nor would I have assumed it could run Android apps. That basically solves the problems then.’”

On the Generational Shift from OS7 to OS10.3:

“What I’ve observed is that most people continue to associate BlackBerry with the older BB7 devices such as the Bold . . . With BlackBerry 10, consumers no longer have the lack of critical functionality as a valid reason to dismiss BlackBerry, [and app selection] is being addressed by partnering with Amazon to preinstall the Amazon Appstore on BlackBerry 10.3 devices.”


The Grand Finale:

Nate ends strong, writing:

“With the recent release of the unique Passport, which has garnered an average Amazon user rating of 4.8/5 with over 500 reviews, the Classic, which is sure to lure in hardcore fans, various strategic partnerships, renewed focus on enterprise and security, a strong following in emerging markets such as Indonesia and South Africa, improvements to BBM (including upcoming cross-platform video chat support), and Mr. Chen’s expertise, BlackBerry has paved the way to recovery, though it will not come overnight.”

CNET ran a reader poll with the piece, asking, “Do you think BlackBerry will survive?”

At the time of this piece, 85% said “yes”.

 cnet poll

Lots of Love in the Comments Section

We know BlackBerry fans can be pretty vocal, and the comments section of this CNET article was no exception. Amongst the 79 comments (and counting):

“BlackBerry hate is a bit like Apple hate back in the 1990s — even the clichés are similar,” writes “Brian_M_SFO.” “I will tell you that after buying a BB Passport that I took delivery of yesterday, and configuring it, that this phone is heaps better than my iPhone 6 for getting actual work done.  It’s easily the best mobile device on the market for people like me who blend work and life together and expect a device to do both.”

“BlackBerry is the company that’s going to spice up this stagnant Mobile Industry,” writes “nt300.” “This stagnation has been caused by crappy over-priced iPhones. BB10 is a technological genius. Far superior to any other OS out to date. After using BB10, going back to iOS and even Android will only irritate you.”

He also writes, “John Chen understands the market. Let’s also not forget the Carrier strangle hold Apple has on them. And recently being investigated for Anti competitive practices. Going through BlackBerry’s recent Quarter, they have positioned the company for mass distribution. And with that comes Growth. BBRY is in a much better position than many naysayers want to believe.”

“xBurk” writes, “What a great idea for an article. Thank you. BlackBerry is well on its way to what I believe one of the biggest tech comebacks in years.”

There’s much more to read than those few, and quite a few interesting conversations as well.

Check out the article for yourself, and pipe up in CNET’s comments section, and ours as well. What do you like about BlackBerry? What are you excited about now and for the future? Let us know.

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