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IDC: Why Enterprises Are Failing at Mobile Management and EMM

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According to research released earlier this month by analyst firm IDC, IT decision-makers are facing an extraordinary degree of complexity and risk as they work to select a future-ready EMM platform.

This confusion may be the reason that, in spite of the fact that mobile device management (MDM) has been adopted by 50% of organizations within the United States, penetration within those organizations is still relatively low (in other words, not as many users in these companies are being managed through MDM/EMM solutions as you’d expect).

What’s making it so hard? Several things.

Competing internal demands: Decision-makers are looking to address a range of needs all at once. Among them: security, flexibility, scalability, extensibility, integration, and simplicity. As IDC puts it: “Many struggle with how to mobilize in a way that is coordinated, secure, scalable, efficient, and user-friendly, and that addresses an often extraordinarily diverse set of management scenarios.”…

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