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This Hospital Chain is Deploying BlackBerry Classic, Passport, AND BES12

12.17.14 / Nadia S.

For hospitals and other organizations in industries that operate under strict regulations, tools that deliver high security AND productivity are not good-to-haves, but must-haves.

Mackenzie Health is a regional Canadian healthcare provider with 7 locations serving more than half a million people. At the launch of our BlackBerry Classic device on Wednesday, we announced that Mackenzie will deploy the BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Passport and Z30 smartphones along with the latest version of our industry-leading, cross-platform EMM solution, BES12. Read the press release.

mackenzie richard tam

Mackenzie Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Richard Tam (above right), joined BlackBerry Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard on stage at the BlackBerry Classic launch on Wednesday to share how Mackenzie is deploying 500 of these BlackBerry 10 devices to staffers who require high security and productivity, which the BlackBerry Passport and Classic both deliver to healthcare professionals. The cancer-busting app running on BlackBerry Passport is one example; the Chief Medical Information Officer who loves his BlackBerry Passport is another.

“We are eager to add the BlackBerry Classic to our fleet of BlackBerry 10 devices available to our employees. They deal with sensitive information so we need to be assured that our mobile devices comply with strict patient privacy and confidentiality regulations without sacrificing productivity,” said Tam. “Together with BES12, BlackBerry Classic offers us the most secure end-to-end mobile infrastructure for our staff, especially for those who loved the familiar design of their BlackBerry Bold and Curve devices.”

Of course, Mackenzie has many employees who aren’t issued a BlackBerry device for regulatory reasons. For them, Mackenzie has set up a BYOD program to manage several thousand other devices using BES12, which it is rolling out this month, Tam said on stage at our BlackBerry Classic launch on Wednesday. BES12 supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and, naturally, BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS devices.

Tam hailed the BlackBerry Classic’s 22+ hour battery life. “Our physicians often work very long days. The last thing we want is for their battery to run out.” Mackenzie’s doctors and nurses also hail the Classic’s ergonomics. “My staff tells me that a key enabler of their productivity is the keyboard.”

“BES12 will allow Mackenzie Health to offer their employees choice when it comes to BYOD, but still maintain the data privacy standards required in the healthcare industry,” said Ron Louks, President, Devices and Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry. “With BES12, BlackBerry delivers a secure cross-platform, deeply integrated communications engine for the exchange of health information.”

Mackenzie joins other early BES12 adopters, including Home Hardware Stores, Rocco Forte Hotels, and American Crane.

Nadia S.

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