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What Do These 10 VERIFIED Amazon Buyers Have to Say About the BlackBerry Classic?

(Updated April 27) As we did with the BlackBerry Passport, here is a roundup of reviews from verified buyers of the BlackBerry Classic at one our primary sellers, Amazon (it’s also available at ShopBlackBerry for $449 in the U.S. and $499 in Canada).

So far, the BlackBerry Classic has garnered 4.2 out of 5 stars via 269 reviews (with 62% at 5 stars) at Amazon since going on sale in mid-December, the majority of which are verified reviews. Verified reviews are important for a number of reasons. First, these are actual Classic purchasers at Amazon as confirmed by Amazon, not BlackBerry superfans spamming the review sections as some have claimed. Second, these people are the target demographic for the Classic itself, who wanted the features it offers in conjunction with a legendarily-productive form factor. Who better to tell you about the Classic than someone who went out and bought one?

amazon classic overview

(Of course, check out what media reviewers have to say about the BlackBerry Classic, HERE,  HEREHERE and HERE).

“I’m Just Faster and More Accurate with a Physical Keyboard”

“After one year of using the iPhone 5s I’ve decided to upgrade to the Blackberry Classic,” writes “Bank Street Writer.” “It’s an upgrade because 90% of what I do is related to typing for business purposes and I’m just faster and more accurate with a physical keyboard than a touch interface. Business emails, CRM, calendar, IM, etc. . . . I’m on the road a lot and I need a productive phone with great business features, good speakerphone, battery life, and durability. The Blackberry Classic is currently the best phone in the market. If Blackberry continues to meet business needs with its upcoming iterations of this phone then I’ll stick with the platform and not have to dabble again with touch interfaces or iPhone 7, 8, etc.”

amazon classic2


AWESOME! Flawless, sleek and very cool,” raves “Dan, MS. “I missed the track pad and full keyboard. Great phone!”


amazon classic3

“I am Putting the IPhone Back on the Shelf”

“Love this phone and I am putting the IPhone back on the shelf,” writes Gary Danklefsen, while Michael Lyons says, “My wife loves it. She wouldn’t get rid of her 9300 until this came out.”

amazon classic4

amazon classic5

“It Feels like You’re Holding a Work of Art”

“This phone is simply awesome,” writes George Pavlis. “I used my Bold 9900 till it broke, waiting for this phone. It’s the sexiest looking phone on the market no doubt, with a solid build – it feels like you’re holding a work of art. The keyboard and trackball make it the easiest device to text and email with. My only concern was whether this screen was going to be big enough for me, especially when comparing to those gigantic screens that you see out there, and I am completely happy with it, it’s perfect in size, easier to focus on then larger phones, and it has wonderful clarity. I definitely recommend you give this device a try you will be pleasantly surprised. Blackberry for life!!!”

amazon classic6

“It Looks Really Posh in Your Hands”

“The Classic brings all the best of the old and the innovations of the new OS 10,” writes Amazon Customer ‘Math One’. “The phone is so shiny, by that I mean, absolutely gorgeous, back to the best looks of the BB Bold. The SIM and the SD cards are now easier to install, since they are now on the outside . . . The battery lasts for a long time between charges, at least 24 hours of constant usage. The call/voice quality is way better that the iPhone 6 (I own that one too, and I love everything else about the iPhone 6, expect the phone feature!–the calls are always dropping on the iPhone; no problems so far on the Classic) . . . The BlackBerry Blend is absolutely wonderful: all messages (e-mail, text, etc.) now show up on your computer, and it is so much easier to reply a text or e-mail via the Blend without picking up the phone. [This] is the phone to have. It stands apart from all the rest, and it looks really posh in your hands.”
amazon classic7

”Has Everything I like About Every Phone I’ve Used – in One Place”

“[The Classic] has everything I like about every phone I’ve used – in one place,” writes SParker. “The desktop integration (MacBook pro) is amazing. I was typing texts from Blackberry Blend (desktop app) on my MacBook while talking on speakerphone. Notifications popped right up on the desktop while I was in the call. This is a phone that can get things done. Android apps I’ve tried so far run identically as they did on my Android. I can’t speak toward battery-life yet, but so far, so good. The OS and associated desktop apps have a clean, modern design that adhere to today’s UX/UI standards and practices. The only thing I was concerned about was the square screen but it is not an issue for me. There’s plenty of real-estate even with a keyboard.


amazon classic8

“I am not a big review writer but this phone rocks,” says another Amazon Customer. “It feels as solid as anything I have ever used. The keyboard is the BEST BB keyboard ever. BB10 runs flawlessly. All I can say is that Blackberry simply got it right. The ability to peek at your email is quite possibly the best feature of any phone anywhere.”


amazon classic9

“This Phone has a Premium Feel to It”

“[I]t will remind you of the classic blackberries you loved but it is now caught up with the times,” writes W. C. Eggleton. “This phone has a premium feel to it and has some heft which only adds to the quality feel. I have also found with the new update that some android apps I often use like Netflix and HP Print All In One remote are now fully functional . . . Internet browsing is speedy . . . Battery life is exceptional and will easily get you through 1 day!! The ability to set short cuts with the physical keys is simply awesome [and] this is a huge time saver for . . . If you are someone who has several email accounts and are on LinkedIn and Facebook you are going to love the HUB – I love this feature as I do not need to log into those accounts or apps to view my messages and notifications. Blackberry Blend is another great feature . . . [P]ick one up and try it and it may surprise you and be your next phone. Well done BlackBerry and thanks for listening to your customers and excited to see what you come up with next!!!”


amazon classic10

“Fantastic phone!” says Jacob. “I have wanted a keyboard for a long time and almost bought a Q10 but missed the trackpad . . . and then I saw this was coming and I could hardly wait! I ordered the day it came out and have been playing with it for hours now. Pros: The phone is very fast and easy to type on, the screen is bright and big enough for me, call quality is great and [the phone] feels solid in the hand. Cons: None that I can see yet.”

amazon classic11


Pricing and Availability

Are you excited for the Classic? Customers with a North American shipping address can purchase the BlackBerry Classic online today through and ShopBlackBerry for $449 in the U.S. and $499 in Canada. It is also being offered by AT&T, Verizon, Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless and TELUS. (Note that pricing differs per market.)

Tell us in the comments below if you have or want one.

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