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New York Times, USA Today, and 10 Other Reviewers Waxing Poetic About the BlackBerry Classic (SlideShare)

As we’ve detailed in numerous roundups, reviewers are finding the BlackBerry Classic to be just that – a “classic” – with the evocative device drawing comparisons to things you don’t typically find in run-of-the-mill smartphone reviews, from Stradivarius violins to Rolling Stones concerts.


Many reviewers haven’t held back with waxing poetic, either, which shouldn’t be too terribly surprising when considering a device boldly dubbed the BlackBerry “Classic.”

(Check out our prior BlackBerry Classic review roundups HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for the full scope.)

Much as I did with the pithiest BlackBerry Passport reviews (see “BlackBerry Passport Travels the World, Garners Strong Reviews at Every Destination”), I decided to make a SlideShare presentation composed of a dozen of the most pointed, picturesque, or otherwise memorable Classic reviews I’ve come across in putting together these roundups.

I believe these reviews capture the zeitgeist surrounding the BlackBerry Classic, a device squarely aimed at responsible, organized professionals seeking a mobile device catering to and delivering on what they value most in a productivity-centric communications device.


Pricing and Availability

Enjoy the SlideShare, then take the jump and get purchase the BlackBerry Classic online today through and for $449 in the U.S. and $499 in Canada.

The Classic is also available to AT&T subscribers now for $0 down on an AT&T Next plan at $14 per month with AT&T Next 24, $17.50 per month with Next 183 or $21 per month with AT&T Next 12. You can also get the smartphone for $49.99 with a two-year agreement or at no annual commitment for $419.99. Check to find in-store availability or order online.

Are you excited about the Classic? Tell us in the comments below!

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