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Big Love for BlackBerry Classic in these Ten YouTube Video Reviews

As with the BlackBerry Passport, the BlackBerry Classic has received plenty of love in numerous video reviews from the mainstream press, tech pubs and independent technology video bloggers.

We’ve cited many written reviews for both the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic (check HERE for a roundup of written news and reviews related to the two devices arriving at AT&T, with many links included to prior global roundups, so feel free to follow those to get the big picture.)

This time, I’m rounding up the best video reviews for the BlackBerry Classic, where you’ll repeatedly hear praises for the phone’s build quality, navigation and productivity features.

(Be sure to check out my video review roundup for the BlackBerry Passport HERE. Also read our Q&As with satisfied BlackBerry Classic users, including this digital marketing agency CEO, this Toronto Maple Leafs executive, this club DJ, this arts photographer, and this high-tech CTO. And read our roundups of media reviews of the BlackBerry Classic HEREHEREHEREHEREHEREHERE and HERE.)

“The Best BlackBerry Ever”

“If you are a BlackBerry user, or were a BlackBerry user, reuniting with the BlackBerry Classic feels like reuniting with a best friend,” says The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern. “The Classic lives up to its name. In fact, this is the best BlackBerry ever.”

“The Best BlackBerry in Years”

PhoneDog’s Cam Bunton calls the BlackBerry Classic “the best BlackBerry in years,” and says it is “everything that BlackBerry users need it to be. It’s a current, up-to-date phone with great build quality, and an almost-perfect physical keyboard and control system . . . [I]t’s a really solid device.”

“Tiny Details…Contribute to the Premium Feel”

Michael Fisher of Pocketnow says the BlackBerry Classic “feels important in the hand.”

“As the name implies, the BlackBerry Classic is meant to evoke the best of times gone by for [BlackBerry fans],” he says. “Its heavy chassis combines cool metal, rubberized plastic and Gorilla Glass 3 for a package that feels high-quality, durable, and above all, important in the hand. Even tiny details like the travel and feedback of the metal side keys contribute to the premium feel. It’s like the Moleskine of smartphones.”

“Stands out for being Unique”

Michael Kukielka of the DetroitBORG tech news video channel says the BlackBerry Classic “stands out for being unique,” and cites the phone’s “rugged durability” as well as the phone’s productivity features, such as the BlackBerry Hub and Blend, which are all demonstrated in this excellently-shot, in-depth review.

“Great as both a Consumer and Work Phone”

Recalling the Classic Coke/New Coke marketing debacle of the 80s (look it up, kids), MobileSyrup’s Daniel Bader says the BlackBerry Classic is “way better than New Coke.”

“It’s a great device [for] typing out long emails . . . It’s going to be a great investment as [either] a primary or secondary device. It has some of the best-in-class security, and with BES12, you can use this at pretty much any company, and it will work great as both a consumer and work phone. Great keyboard, good screen, great build quality, excellent call quality and great battery.”

“The Classic is About Getting Things Done”

“I do believe [the BlackBerry Classic] has what it takes to win some of the old faithful back,” says Clove’s Jon Love. “It is focused on mobile productivity, but it is not really slacking when you consider the key specifications and features . . . The Classic is still, at the core, about getting things done, [in] a form factor and price that works for many.”

“I’m Kind of Loving it”

N4BB’s J.T. Teran was pleasantly surprised by the device after not being warm to the idea, initially. “We’ve been really happy with how the BlackBerry Classic has performed,” he says. “I wasn’t expecting to like this . . . I was a pretty heavy critic [but] after having used it . . . I’m kind of loving it . . . Again, I really, really like this device.”

“Feels Really Nice and Premium”

TechnoBuffalo’s Jon Rettinger says he “still gets excited to unbox BlackBerry devices,” and then humorously fumbles the unboxing over a scrap of tape he failed to slice through.

Nonetheless, Rettinger soldiered on, discovering what he sees as the successor to the Bold 9900. “The browser is three times faster . . . you’re gonna get way better battery life than the Bold, the screen is 60 percent larger . . . The build quality feels really nice and premium . . . If you’ve been looking or clamoring for a full keyboard . . . you might be looking forward to this device.”

“On par with iOS and Android”

“I think [the BlackBerry Classic’s] OS is on par with iOS and Android,” says the Toronto Star’s Raju Mudhar. “I think it does a lot of great business stuff – the messaging is a strength, the Hub, the multitasking – that all works really, really well . . . [G]ive this phone a look.”

AT&T Explains the BlackBerry Classic’s Core Features

Finally, now that AT&T is carrying it, they also have a nice video covering the BlackBerry Classic’s features:

Pricing and Availability

The BlackBerry Classic is now available at Verizon retail locations across the United States in addition to for $99.99 with new two-year activation after $50 mail-in rebate debit card (takes up to 6 weeks and expires in 12 months). Verizon Edge is also available for eligible customers.

Verizon joins AT&T, which is offering the BlackBerry Classic $419.99 outright or $49.99 on a 2-year plan.

The factory-unlocked phone is also available through ShopBlackBerry for $449 in the US and $499 in Canada (and a number of other carriers worldwide), or via Amazon at the time of writing for $418.11 (regularly $449.99).

Check out updated global availability HERE, and then tell us what you love about the BlackBerry Classic!

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