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This Digital Marketing Firm’s CEO “Loves Everything about the BlackBerry Classic”

BLACKBERRY CLASSIC / 03.09.15 / Brea

CEOs have busy jobs – an obvious point if there ever was one.

And the CEO of a design firm? “Busy” is probably an understatement – there’s just so much variety to the daily responsibilities, that it takes specialized tools to manage it all effectively, and you’ve got to know how to get the most out of them.

With this in mind, I was elated to run across Sandra Hennessy, CEO of a digital marketing firm, who knows those points all too well.

ceo sandra

Hennessy (right) runs Be Dynamic, a digital marketing agency that trains and consults with clients in Ireland, and she graciously agreed to share some of her industry insights and tell me why she sees the BlackBerry Classic as a business woman’s tool of choice.

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Watts: What drew you to the BlackBerry Classic?

Hennessy: I love the physical BlackBerry keyboard – it’s one of the main reasons I’ve stayed with BlackBerry. I fell in love with the 9900 Bold but found the [app choices lacking]. I couldn’t wait for the Q10 to come out and was probably first in line for it when it arrived in Ireland.

I also loved the idea of the BlackBerry Classic – a mix of the best from the 9900 and Q10.

Watts: How does a CEO use the BlackBerry Classic? What makes it a tool and not a toy?

Hennessy: I’m out of the office a lot, and being able to run my business while away from the office is a must.  The BlackBerry Classic allows me to do just that.

Email is massive for me, I may receive and send a hundred emails per day. The Classic lets me efficiently stay in contact and easily manage my email account in the Hub.

As I work in digital marketing, social media is also very important for me. I spend a lot of time using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn apps. It’s very important that I network online and the Hub allows me to manage all of my social media notifications in one place.

Watts: Has your productivity increased by using the BlackBerry Classic?

Hennessy: Yes, all my clients know to contact me on email to get the best response.

Before I bought the Classic, I had the Samsung Galaxy S5 for three months and hated the email app. The Classic meets all of my email needs.

It might sound strange, but one of the best features of the email is how easy is it to find folders that you need. Simple things like this make my life so much easier.

Watts: How are the other device features working out for you?

Hennessy: So far, I love everything about the Classic. There are a few tweaks I would make, but not enough to make me want to move away from it.

As I mentioned, the most-used applications are my social media apps – I need to be active on social media and the apps on the Classic are a lot faster and more up to date than previous BlackBerry phone apps.

Also, Blend is a new feature that I need to actually find time to make use of. I’m sure it will become useful to me very quickly.

Watts: What has the reaction been from peers?

Hennessy: I live and work in Ireland, and BlackBerry [has less of a presence]. Some think I’m crazy for choosing Blackberry, but I’m staying with it. There are no other phones that allow me to manage my business easily that have the physical QWERTY keyboard.

A Productivity Multi-Tool

As Hennessy’s experiences illustrate, the BlackBerry Classic is a productivity multi-tool, bringing with it a variety of powerful features ranging from the touchscreen, keyboard and toolbelt’s stellar input options to the messaging platform-aggregating prowess of the Hub and a bevy of other apps and tools.

No matter how hectic your work schedule is or how many emails you have to tackle, the Classic is the go-to device to put it all in check, which makes checking it out a smart move.

Pricing and Availability

In the United States, AT&T has made available the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic via and in AT&T retail stores. Read the positive reviews after the AT&T launch last month. In Canada, Rogers and Telus are carrying both phones.

North American customers can also purchase the BlackBerry Classic online through, and U.S. and Canadian customers go directly to ShopBlackBerry.

Check here for availability in other regions.*

*NOTE: Pricing varies by region.

Are you making music with your productivity gains on the BlackBerry Classic? Let us know in the comments below!


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