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Hillary Clinton’s E-mail: Lessons Learned

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461970043Hillary Clinton’s alleged use of a personal e-mail account for sensitive government communication has received lots of media attention. Clinton’s stated reason for using the private account was an unwillingness to carry two devices: one for personal use and one for work. TV pundits speculate on her motives and how mobile technology may have been used or abused. But if we move past the politics, what should we really take away from this situation?

(Note: this is a post by BlackBerry Chief Security Officer, David Kleidermacher)

First, security depends on humans, as well as technology, doing the right thing. POTUS could tweet top secret information but chooses not to. We must always think how to minimize privilege, including access to sensitive information. Secondly, technologists must make security easy to use — otherwise users will intentionally or inadvertently circumvent controls in order to get their jobs done.

Another aspect…

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