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Meet the New 5-Inch HD BlackBerry Leap

Latest All-Touch Device from BlackBerry Available Now

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At Mobile World Congress (MWC) today, we unveiled the latest BlackBerry smartphone. I’ve decided this is my new favourite device. All-touch? Yes, please. The BlackBerry Leap is built for those rising stars who value productivity, communication, and take security seriously. With its modern design, brilliant 5-inch HD display, and battery life that powers through 25 hours of heavy use*, the BlackBerry Leap gives you the power to succeed.

When you have the right tool, small steps can become giant leaps. Up-and-comers find their stride, and great achievements fall within your grasp. This is the spirit of our valued BlackBerry users; this is the spirit of the BlackBerry Leap.

Everything You Expect from a BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Leap fits nicely into the BlackBerry portfolio, offering an affordable device for those out there who prefer an all-touch option. It boasts the features of a ‘hero’ device with the price tag of an entry-level one. When serious work has to be done, when an email from your boss can’t be missed, and when you need a trusted secure device that can power through a full day of work, BlackBerry Leap will be at the ready so you can grab opportunities as they come.

The huge selection of apps from BlackBerry World and the Amazon Appstore render beautifully on the 16×9 (aspect ratio) display, and with perks like “Free App of the Day,” you won’t run out of new things to discover.

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BlackBerry Leap Highlights

    • Security to Keep Private Matters Private – You live in a world where your valued private photos, messages, and information are one misstep away from going public. Your mobile is at the center of it all, holding everything from banking information and work data, to personal photos. Large companies and public figures alike often discover the hard way that mobile security is paramount in our digital landscape. You can feel safe in the knowledge that BlackBerry Leap, like all BlackBerry 10 devices, was designed with the highest standards of security in mind to protect your privacy. It is equipped with support for encryption, plus built-in anti-malware protection and back-up, wipe and restore. All to give you control and power to avoid falling victim to the next embarrassing and potentially costly cyber-attack.
    • Best-in-Class BlackBerry Keyboard – Type faster and more accurately on a touchscreen keyboard that learns how you write. With superior error correction, multi-language support, customized adaption, and flow, refuse to be bound by the mistakes and missteps that can hold you back.
    • Master Your Messages in the BlackBerry Hub – See more of what matters and experience inbox Zen with the BlackBerry Hub on a brilliant 5” HD display. Messages from across your multiple personal and professional roles, like BBM messages, texts, emails, and social media, all appear in one easy-to-manage view.
    • Battery that Powers Through a Full Day – You don’t work 9 to 5 – you’re the all-day, all-night type. With up to 25 hours of heavy use*, the BlackBerry Leap will help you power through even your most demanding days. With an impressive 2800 mAh battery and the energy-saving optimizations in the BlackBerry 10 OS, BlackBerry Leap delivers battery life that will outlast even you.
    • More Ways To Access Apps – Discover and purchase great business and productivity apps through BlackBerry World and the latest Android apps and games through the Amazon Appstore. And access modern mobile web apps via the industry-leading BlackBerry Browser*.
    • The Power Of BlackBerry On Your Computer & TabletBlackBerry Blend seamlessly brings messaging and content on your BlackBerry to your PC and tablet to make you more productive instantly. Access your work and personal messages, notifications, documents, calendar, contacts and media in real time on whatever device you are on, powered by your BlackBerry. No saving to a cloud, no wires, no backing up. It’s all just there.

Wrap it Up

What more can I say? I just love this new BlackBerry with its short punchy name and large HD display. Everything I need to keep me productive, safe and on the up and up in a beautiful, all-touch device. For more information on pricing and availability, register at, keep returning to Inside BlackBerry for more blog updates, and let us know what you think about the affordable new BlackBerry Leap in the comments below.

*Based on heavy usage scenario on a power user profile. Many factors affect battery life, including network connectivity, application usage, feature configuration, and battery age. Actual results may vary.

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