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The BlackBerry Classic is Music to this DJ’s Ears. Why?

BLACKBERRY CLASSIC / 03.05.15 / Brea

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If you think spinning discs for parties is easy, think again. There’s a lot of coordination required – both in managing the business and making the music – and having the right tools for the job is essential.

Emanuel Eicher, a school assistant for children with special educational needs by day and DJ by night, uses his BlackBerry Classic to keep track of lesson plans and his student’s needs, as well as booking parties and tweeting from @iamselectaiman.

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Watts: What drew you to the BlackBerry Classic?

Eicher: I wanted a “classic” phone with a keyboard and trackpad. I had an Android phone and still wanted access to Android apps in addition to BlackBerry apps.

I also like BBM and have discovered that no other phone provider provides an email experience like BlackBerry, so it was an easy decision to make.

My first experience with BlackBerry was with a Curve 8520 and I loved the keyboard and trackpad combination. I’ve gone back to my roots since getting the Classic and have become a fanatic!

I keep telling friends and family that no other phone comes close to the Classic.

Watts: What makes you say that? How is the Classic useful to your lifestyle?

Eicher: I mostly use the phone to write down ideas I have for either job and to set reminders so that I remember to do certain tasks. I’m also able to instantly read and reply to emails faster than with any other devices. This helps me stay in contact with colleagues or handle bookings for shows and parties.

Other than that the Classic helps me stay on top of social networking and to check news on-the-go.

Watts: How are the features and core experiences of the device working out for you?

Eicher: I love the combination of BlackBerry OS and Android apps. There’s a much wider option to app stores now. I also like that the icon layout has more shape and a bigger display.

The highlight of the Classic is most definitely BlackBerry Blend. Being able to access files on my laptop too is amazing! It saves me time because I don’t have to backup my files first in order to get access to them. I can do it directly from Blend.

It’s even nice that I don’t have to open my web browser to access my mail account, I can do all of that with Blend.

Watts: What apps do you use on the Classic?

Eicher: I use Blaq for Twitter, WhatsApp and BBM.

Since I listen to music for the majority of my day, I use Jet Audio Pro from the Amazon App Store. And I use the CrackBerry app of course to stay updated on everything BlackBerry.

Watts: How do you feel about the battery life?

Eicher: Most smartphones I’ve had experience with have a weak battery life. No matter how much I used it I would have to charge it at least once a day.

The BlackBerry Classic has a fantastic battery life. I’m able to work on it consistently and only charge it every other day.

Watts: Is there anything specific that you like about Classic that you weren’t able to do on other devices?

Eicher: I like having all of my notifications in one spot thanks to the BlackBerry Hub.

That feature alone makes it easy to promptly reply to contacts. But in general, BlackBerry provides the safest phones. I don’t have too many privacy concerns because I know I’m safe with BlackBerry.

Watts: How would you rate the Classic?

Eicher: I would rate it a 9.5.

Pricing and Availability

Work in the front, party in the back? The BlackBerry Classic can help you complete your next project or party playlist.

In the United States, AT&T has made available the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic via and in AT&T retail stores. Read the positive reviews after the AT&T launch last month. Verizon is also offering the BlackBerry Classic. In Canada, Rogers and Telus are carrying both phones.

North American customers can also purchase the BlackBerry Classic online through, and U.S. and Canadian customers go directly to ShopBlackBerry.

Check here for availability in your region.*

*NOTE: Pricing varies by region.

Are you making music with your productivity gains on the Classic? Let us know in the comments below!


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