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Q-and-A: What This Indonesian BlackBerry Elite Loves about his BBM Custom PIN

BBM / 03.30.15 / dzmija

Meet Muhammad Setyo ‘Oddie’ Budi, a technology consultant from Indonesia. Oddie – he prefers to go by his nickname – is a busy guy, what with his interests in gadgets, traveling, coffee, parental education, AND his volunteer work in the BlackBerry support forums, for which he was rewarded with BlackBerry Elite status in 2012.

Oddie also owns not one but six BlackBerry smartphones! For all these reasons, I decided to ask Oddie a few questions following the launch of the BBM Custom PIN Subscriptions, because if anyone knows BlackBerry and our product it’s Oddie.

BBM PIN QA - Oddie

Zmija: Where are you based?

I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Zmija: Where do you work and what is your role there?

I am a co-owner and technical advisor for an internet and communications business.

Zmija: What device do you use?

My main devices are the BlackBerry Passport and the Z30. I also have a Z10, Q10, 9900, and 9700 that I use for testing purposes as well.

Zmija: What is your Custom PIN for BBM?


Zmija: Do you love your Custom PIN subscription? If so why?

Yes! ‎I got my nickname for my PIN to stand out from a regular PIN! I use it on my business cards, and also on my contact information on my website. Since I often switch from one device to another, sharing my new Custom PIN is more convenient as it remains the same although I’m changing devices. My Custom PIN is easy to remember and easy for new contacts to add me as a BBM contact.

Zmija: Where have you used your Custom PIN?

I have put my Custom PIN on my business card, website, and on my social networks.

Zmija: Has your Custom PIN changed the way you communicate with others?

Yes, I can’t always remember my regular PIN but with Custom PIN it is very, very helpful for others to remember.

Zmija: How have people reacted to your Custom PIN? They must think it’s pretty cool you have one?

The first day I subscribed, about 20 of my contacts asked, “How did you make your nickname as your PIN?”

Zmija: Have you found that having your Custom PIN has helped you with your business or work?

Custom PINs are eye-catching, easy to remember, and help me to get more attention for my business. My Custom PIN allows me to communicate with business partners and customers. And if they accidentally lose my PIN, they can just add or re-invite me using my nickname. It’s that easy.

Zmija: Do you use stickers or emojis? Which ones are your favorite?

I use Nusantara Kid and other favourites include Indonesian, Penguin of Madagascar, and BBM expressions.

Zmija: What’s your favorite BBM feature?

My favourite feature would have to be my Custom PIN, however I also love Timed Messages, Message Retraction, Stickers, BBM Video and BBM Voice.


There you have it folks – Oddie’s experience with his new Custom PIN. There is a new BBM update for BlackBerry, iOS and Android smartphones so make sure you update to take advantage of Custom PINs and other new BBM features.

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