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Want to be More Productive at Work? Treat your Job like a Game.

FEATURE / 03.25.15 / Nicholas Greene

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BU011061Productivity has always been a hot topic in the workplace – how can you work smarter, better, and faster? As a result of the myriad distractions presented by our constantly-connected world, however, the discussion’s never been more intense. Everybody’s looking for new ways to be more efficient at work, the latest ‘hack’ that’ll let them cut out distractions and actually get something done.

One piece of advice that’s surfaced time and again – and one that I myself swear by – is to stop treating our jobs less like work, and more like a game. No, I’m not saying we should take our jobs less seriously, or putting off difficult tasks; far from it.

What I’m suggesting here is the implementation of a structured rewards system. Allow me to provide you all with an example.

Intrinsic Motivation and Gamification

I personally use an app called Habit RPG, but there…

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