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Who Said It Best? Vote On The Truest User Quote About BlackBerry Passport (Poll)

From the “nothing else like it” form factor to the beefy specs, insanely-large battery and innovative input options, the BlackBerry Passport quickly became a must-have item for professionals looking for a real edge in mastering their workflows.

Since the launch, we’ve been conducting Q&As with real-life Passport power users.

Let’s take a look at some quotes, linked to the full Q&A. Or else skip straight to the poll and vote on the quote that best reflects what you love about the BlackBerry Passport!


University Professor (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania):

“[[With its] powerful browser . . . and large screen. . . the BlackBerry Passport is the closest thing to a ‘pocket laptop’ on the market.”

Consulting Group President (Los Angeles):

“The BlackBerry Passport is very useful, and fast and effective for what I do . . . and I’m nervous about sending this [sensitive] information on any other device aside from BlackBerry.”

Tech Journalist (Abu Dhabi):

“Nope, the BlackBerry Passport hasn’t felt awkward or oversized. In fact, I’d be more prone to describe the Passport as “sexy.”…I needed a new pair of black Christian Louboutins to complement my new gadget.”

Software Manager (Germany):

I [can] carry out the majority of my work [while constantly traveling], using the BlackBerry Passport to schedule a series of conference calls and meetings, [and] can effectively stay in contact with many people via email and phone calls.”

Chief Medical Information Officer (Toronto):

The BlackBerry Passport] is significant to my job to [better my] information viewing, social media learning, and effective communication . . . [It’s] truly a great device and a clear “differentiator” that stands out against the crowd.”

Product Engineer (San Francisco):

“The keyboard and the overall form factor [of the BlackBerry Passport] is, without question, a huge benefit to my day-to-day operations…It’s definitely the best phone I’ve ever had.”

Clinical Research Organization President (Toronto):

“The BlackBerry Passport provides a new take on the BlackBerry reality with the beloved ‘chiclet’ keyboard, which also functions as a trackpad, with an excellent visual real estate experience.”

Insurance Salesperson (New York City):

“The ability to enroll members right on my [BlackBerry Passport], creating a quote or going over a benefit summary with a client on such a wide screen is a joy.”

Manufacturing Company Partner (India):

I went on a business trip without my laptop bag . . . The BlackBerry Passport has all the things needed to work so there’s no need for a laptop on trips . . . The list of great features this device has is endless.”

Program Coordinator/ Screenwriter (New York City):

“The BlackBerry Passport allows me to focus on the story instead of worrying if my encryption is sound, [and] accessing my work email through the web has been a dream.”

Nonprofit Founder (Greensboro, North Carolina):

“After being on iOS, I really appreciate the fact that my Blackberry Passport will show me all of my sent messages, even ones sent from my computer . . . The Blackberry Passport tackles my needs with ease.”

Corporate IT Manager (El Paso, Texas):

“The BlackBerry Passport is my work’s most important tool. [O]n a two day business trip . . . [It bailed me out when my] laptop was dead but I had an Excel sheet that needed to be filled.

Which Story Resonated with YOU the Most?

These twelve professionals represent multiple industries, but all of them tackle their toughest challenges with ease with their BlackBerry Passports.

Follow the links to the full interviews, then vote for your favorite. Which use case resonated the most with you? After voting, tell us why in the comments below.

Which User Quote About BlackBerry Passport Resonated With You The Most?

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