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BlackBerry Classic Sports Stellar Reviews from Carrier Customers Around the World

There’s something enduring and special about the BlackBerry Classic.

The phone has earned strong reviews from the media – see our roundups HERE, HEREHEREHEREHEREHERE and HERE and a “best-of” SlideShare HERE.

It’s also warranting a brand-new, stunning white edition, which PhoneDog’s Alex Wagner says “is obviously going to be a bit flashier than the black one . . . so now you can get things done and turn some heads while you’re at it.”

(Check out our open call to photographers/Photoshop wizards to help us celebrate this stylish new color variant of the BlackBerry Classic, by taking your best efforts at taking this classic device and framing it in an unforgettable way.)

The device is launching in white in Indonesia and Hong Kong this week, and carrier retailer stores in select European, Middle East and Asian countries over the next few weeks.

white classic desk

Power professionals have also shared with BlackBerry their praise of the Classic’s quality build, battery life, productivity gains and best-in-class messaging – whatever the color. Hear from this serial entrepreneur, this IT consultant, this financial TV guru, this digital marketing agency CEO, this Toronto Maple Leafs executive, this high-tech CTO, this retailer/app developer, as well as this club DJ and this fine arts photographer.

Classic buyers, from, to our many carrier partners, including AT&T, Verizon, Bell and Rogers to Vodafone, O2 and Orange, are also piling in with stellar reviews.

Brace yourselves – this is a big roundup!


At AT&T, the BlackBerry Classic is thisclose to a perfect five-star ranking, holding a 4.9 average.

“Awesome Phone and the Best of Both Worlds”

“The BlackBerry Classic combines the familiar qwerty keyboard and high end hardware with the modern touch screen and app experience,” writes “NikoB.” “The Classic is by far my favorite phone of the past five years! It runs effortlessly, has amazing battery life, and maximizes productivity. Get the most out of your mobile device with BlackBerry, instead of owning redundant machines (i.e. IPhone and iPad).”

Classic ATT NikoB“No Typos AND Great Apps!”

“I waited a long time for this phone, says “susang3,” “and it was totally worth it! I can send correctly-spelled, properly-punctuated e-mails to my boss AND use all the apps I really want. The keyboard is fantastic, the browser is amazing (reader mode, anyone?), and the Wi-Fi hotspot functionality is incredibly useful. I am loving this phone!”

Classic ATT susang3Read the rest of the BlackBerry Classic reviews from AT&T customers HERE.

Verizon (US)

Verizon customers were ecstatic when they discovered the BlackBerry Classic was to get a CDMA version, and they were quick to give it high marks, with a 4.6-out-of-5 star average emerging from 45 reviews so far:

Classic Verizon Reviews Average

“Great Call Quality, Functionality and Productivity”

BBClassicLover7878 writes, “Just got the Classic a couple weeks back. It thus far has had great battery life and the keyboard is beautiful . . . The call quality on the Verizon network sounds like a land-line phone. It is crisp and clear. The keyboard is fast and easy to use . . . If you use your phone for emails, texting, phone calls, and some app usage this is an amazing phone. Primary apps that I use are GPS, workout tracking, local business finder, and weather. The browser is also super fast loading pages . . . I’m so glad I switched back to Blackberry.”

Classic Verizon BBClassicLover7878“Wasn’t Sure, but Switched from iPhone for a 14-Day Test”

For “OMGBlackberry,” the BlackBerry Classic offered something of a conversion experience.

“It’s like being home again, very comfortable,” she writes. “It understands everything that I say as far as dictation . . . This phone just gets things done. I am super happy that my iTunes sync works. I freaking love my Blackberry all over again and have missed it for a few years. The new operating system is unbelievable . . . Has all the apps I need via Blackberry World, Amazon, and Hubby set up Snap for Google . . . Welcome back, Blackberry, and I see you have changed for the better. LOVE THE BATTERY!!! Goodbye iPhone, as I have a new love in my life.”

Classic Verizon OMGBlackBerryGo HERE to read all of the Verizon customer reviews.

Bell (Canada)

Canadian customers who purchased their devices via Bell really dig their BlackBerry Passports too, with a 4.6-out-of-5 star ranking.

“BlackBerry Classic is the Best for Networking & Communication”

“I have nothing bad to say about this device,” lauds Bell customer “ZimBob.” “It does DLNA, Miracast and everything in between so it will communicate with your PC, Wi-Fi devices and Smart TV. BlackBerry Blend & Link make it easy to transfer, manage and sync your files from your PC to your Classic, and all that through Wi-Fi . . . Keyboard rules! . . . Having the thumb-pad makes it a breeze to navigate . . . HUB: excellent! BB10 does multitasking better than all the other ones. Telephone reception is superior to many. Telephone sound quality also . . . Battery life is amazing on the Classic. Plus, BB10.3 adds battery saving mode. I can easily go 2 days on one charge . . . I think overall, this is a great package.”

Classic Bell ZimBob“The Switch from OS7 to BB10 Wasn’t Hard at All”

“I have been using a Bold 9900 for the past 3 years and had been waiting for a new BlackBerry device to upgrade to,” writes “Guido0136.”

Nothing, I mean nothing, is faster than a physical keyboard,” he writes. “The switch from OS7 to BB10 was not hard at all on the Classic as the ‘tool-belt’ functionally is very much like the Bold 9900 . . . I have been using the classic for a month now and just love it . . . The phone works on Bell’s LTE network and the speeds are awesome. Overall the switch from the 9900 to the classic has been awesome. If you are a die-hard Bold fan, and want to get to BB10, this is the phone for you.”

Classic Bell Guido0136You can read the rest of the customer reviews at Bell HERE.



Rogers (Canada)

Canadian customers going the Rogers route have pegged the BlackBerry Classic with 4.5-out-of-5 stars.

“Amazing Phone, Coming from an iPhone”

Rogers customer “James” apparently scuttled his iPhone for the BlackBerry Classic.

“I am blown away by this phone when it comes to productivity,” he writes. “Absolutely nothing beats it for email and messaging. I am coming from an iPhone 5S and love the Hub feature. I love not having to push an app to open up email, then open WhatsApp to check those messages, then Facebook to get those messages and so on. Everything is in the Hub and it’s brilliant! If communication is tops on your list, nothing beats it. True believer now!!!”

Rogers Classic James“This Phone is what You Need in Professional Jobs”

“If you work for a living, then this phone is what you need,” asserts the aptly-handled “WorkHard.” “Especially in professional jobs. But all jobs would benefit from this amazing productive hardware. BlackBerry knows how hard work can be and they simplify it for us. This is a very efficient phone.”

Rogers Classic WorkHardThe rest of the customer reviews can be found on the Rogers website HERE.

Vodafone (UK and Germany)

Vodafone customers in the UK and Germany each awarded the BlackBerry Classic a perfect score:

Vodafone UK and Germany“Great All-Rounder”

”I love this phone,” declares “axc33” on the UK Vodafone site. “Whilst the 4s was good, the virtual keyboard drove me insane . . . I liked the Bold but everything on the classic is more polished and smooth. Everything I liked about the old BlackBerry is there but it’s all right up to date and nice to use. The keyboard is brilliant – much better than an onscreen keyboard in my opinion . . . The Classic’s a nice phone to use and I seem to be able to get stuff done much more easily than on the iPhone – whether that’s having real buttons or just the way the OS is designed, I’m not sure but it just works really well.”

Classic Vodafone UK axc33“A Highly Recommendable Device”

Over on the German Vodafone page for the Blackberry Classic, customer “RobTian” calls it “highly recommendable,” writing (translated from German by Google Translate), “I’ve used the Classic for almost 3 months, and must say I’m impressed! I’ve had an iPhone 5 for 2 years and am very happy having switched to BlackBerry. The hardware is incredibly high quality, the design is very classic / timeless / elegant, and the keyboard is a dream. That display great and the BlackBerry OS is now also very mature and competitive [and] much more effective and more intuitive than iOS and Android in many ways. I strongly recommend you buy the BlackBerry Classic!”

Classic Vodafone Germanu RobTianTo read the reviews, head to the respective pages for the Blackberry Classic at the UK and German Vodafone portals.

O2 (UK)

Customers in the UK also gave the BlackBerry Classic high honors at carrier O2 with an average review rating of 4.6 out of 5.

“For High Technology Lovers”

“Classic is for high technology lovers, since this model is one of the rare combination of proven efficiency with top new technology that really improves the user experience,” enthuses “Christoppher.” “BB 10.3 is a stellar O.S. It’s the world’s lightest and the fastest mobile O.S. BB 10.3 supports and scales perfectly for Androïd apps . . .We can deal with our social media, our mail, our SMS or our calls super fast. We can make video conference call with the world most secure smartphone. Classic c’est Chic.”

Classic O2 Christoppher“A True Classic”

“I bought this for the keyboard as I find touch screen fiddly, and the BlackBerry 10 operating system is superior to iOS/Android,” writes “johnny.” “The combination of keyboard and touch screen works very well, the sound quality on calls is very good, the ability to expand the memory with a micro SD card allows me to put a lot of music on the phone in a lossless format, and the sound quality through a good quality speaker is better than my iPod . The Hub is absolutely brilliant for checking messages, emails, social media notifications, etc. The battery life is excellent and I normally only charge up every other day.”

Classic O2 johnnyCheck out the rest of the O2 reviews HERE.

Orange (France)

Finally, at French telecom Orange, the BlackBerry Classic is averaging a perfect score of 5/5 (again, Translated via Google Translate).

“One of the Best Smartphones on the Market!”

Orange BlackBerry Classic owner “Adri” calls the device “one of the best smartphones on the market,” writing, “I’ve had this phone for a few days and I find only positive things to say. The design is very successful and finishes are perfect: this phone feels high-end in the hands. The OS, Blackberry 10 is fluid and the Blackberry World is becoming more complete. Furthermore, the addition of the Amazon AppStore supplements the applications at BlackBerry World. In short, I highly recommend this smartphone!”

Orange Classic Adri“A Real Phone!”

Orange customer “Garm” called the BlackBerry Classic a “real phone,” writing, “After trying three Androids and a Windows Phone, I can say that I will use the Blackberry for a long time!! During a call, we distinctly hear the caller and he hears you! Other positives: the keyboard is very easy to use by the shape of keys, the speed ​​of the phone, the quality of the screen and applications, and it’s perfect for work – I prefer it over a tablet!! I will conclude by saying that this is a real phone.”

Orange Classic GarmThe reviews of the BlackBerry Classic at Orange can be seen HERE.

white classic back

What do You Think?

After having read through that admittedly long list of reviews (not even the tip of the iceberg, either!), it’s easy to see that people are genuinely crazy about their BlackBerry Classic devices.

What do you think? What are your favorite features?

Let us know in the comments below!

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