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Have You Missed this Key BlackBerry Leap Feature? [Video]


I find some of the most interesting BlackBerry Leap benefits to be intangible. For instance, the Leap’s security features that are designed to protect my information, corporate data, and privacy. I’m not a mobile security expert, and I won’t pretend to be, but with the Leap (as with all BlackBerry devices), I don’t have to be.

Yes, this is an article about an affordable, 5-inch HD device, but it’s also about the infrastructure behind it. I’ve covered in previous posts the features you can see. Like the BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Blend, or the hundreds of thousands of apps available between the Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World storefronts. All of these are focused on keeping you, our power-using public, productive and informed. The one seemingly-untold story is the security to keep private matters private. The built-in BlackBerry security that is the industry gold standard keeps you productive as well, because you can remain focused on doing great work while your device and IT team keep it locked down.

I know that my device comes with built-in safeguards for me as a regular consumer along with advanced protection that my IT department can enable. This means that I can go about my daily activities without having to be overly concerned about looming data breaches or mobile security threats. That’s not to say I’m not conscious and prudent about how I handle my data, but there’s an intangible peace of mind that I get knowing that my mobile data has a number of barriers in place designed so that my information won’t go walking.

When I read about corporate data breaches, hacks, and scandals – about the millions of dollars this can cost in terms of regulatory fines, reputation and mindshare – I don’t envy my friendly IT manager. Without venturing down the path of hyperbole, it seems as though there are attacks and vulnerabilities at every turn. For malicious hackers, mobile data is the next gold rush.

BlackBerry is uniquely positioned, providing a portfolio of hardware and software solutions that keep you both safe and productive. The BlackBerry Leap is everything you’d expect from a BlackBerry, but designed for customers who, like many, prefer an all-touch form factor. The large display, productivity features, 25-hour battery life, apps, and built-in security provide a lot of value at a compelling price point.

You can pre-order your BlackBerry Leap at ShopBlackBerry:

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