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Uncovering the Facts with a Citrix Webinar Rewind

The Great BlackBerry Migration Myth is something that we’ve talked about before – in fact, we’ve specifically noted how Citrix attempted to propagate the myth at the expense of accuracy. This vendor is at it again, recently hosting a webinar titled, “How to Effectively Replace BlackBerry Devices and Gain User Acceptance.”

We agree with Citrix® that customers are adding other devices to their environments, which is why the BES12 cross-platform EMM solution manages devices from all major mobile platforms. But Citrix has some issues: they can’t manage the breadth of devices that BlackBerry can, they don’t have our broad portfolio and they still don’t have BlackBerry’s leading experience in secure, productive enterprise mobility.

However, Citrix still promised that participants would learn three lessons during the webinar, all of which we’ll break down with a #BBFactCheck. Click through the presentation hosted on SlideShare to read more (and click on the SlideShare icon in the bottom right in order to download it and click on the embedded links):


As you can see, there is no need for organizations to consider replacing BlackBerry as their mobility partner. And many enterprises agree. As we reported in the last quarter of fiscal year 2015, BlackBerry won 2,200 new customers, including many competitive displacements.

Did you attend this Citrix webinar? Let us know in the comments what else Citrix got wrong when it comes to supporting customers’ cross-platform environments.

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