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BlackBerry Passport Users Leave Glowing Reviews at Carrier Websites Around the World

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The BlackBerry Passport turned heads and garnered widespread attention from customers and the press when it debuted on ShopBlackBerry and Amazon in the fall.

From its striking design to amazing “get-stuff-done” features including the BlackBerry Hub, touch-sensitive keyboard, BlackBerry Blend, and much more, the productivity powerhouse has been receiving rave reviews across the board at sites including Amazon (4.6/5 average of 1,000+ reviews), Carphone Warehouse (5/5 average) and FlipKart (5/5 average).

There are also a ton of press reviews, which we’ve featured in roundups you can read HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Customers have also been taking to the websites of our carrier partners to tout the device’s virtues, be it at AT&T in the U.S., Rogers in Canada, Orange in France, Vodafone in Germany, and others elsewhere.

(Check out THIS ARTICLE for the full list of purchase options.)

And fresh off the presses, ZDNet ranks the Passport among its 10 best smartphones of the year.

Let’s take a look at a few.

AT&T (U.S.)

Customers in the U.S. have awarded the BlackBerry Passport a stellar 5/5 average rating across 113 reviews at AT&T, with virtually all of them giving it perfect scores and beating out the iPhone 6’s average rating of 4.3 stars.


AT&T Customer “Mt person” calls the BlackBerry Passport “a honey of a phone,” writing, “I have used BlackBerrys for some time. This phone just works and is extremely productive. I worried because I have smaller hands. Didn’t have to worry long. BlackBerrys just keep going . . . BlackBerry gets it done and the hardware is a dream. You won’t go wrong and the screen is amazing. Still discovering all the little things that have been included. I work on social media and I need a phone that would hold up. I got it in the Passport. Thanks, BlackBerry.”


To “Crispin_Gatieza,” it’s “worth every penny.” As Gatieza writes, “This is a proper smartphone for those who appreciate quality hardware, robust communication features and some eye candy. The keyboard is ingenious with its 3-row design and a sliver of capacitive options on the screen. You get a compact design that’s well balanced and don’t have to sacrifice display real estate . . . Do yourself a favor and check this phone out for yourself.”


To “ksilvers,” the BlackBerry Passport is the “best device ever”:

“I have used several other BlackBerrys, Androids, iPhones but the Passport hands down is absolutely brilliant. This device is superior to anything on the market. It is innovative and the BlackBerry 10 UI is the best operating system I’ve used. BB10 is unbelievably fluid and multitasking. People don’t know what they’re missing.”


There are many more excellent reviews up at the AT&T’s website, and you can read them all HERE.

Rogers (Canada)

For another perfect average rating of 5/5 stars, look no further than Rogers in Canada, where 47 reviewers have chimed in with their admiration.


Rogers customer “JoJo” recommends people “do wide,” writing, “Has been 6 months with this BlackBerry and I plan to have it for a long time. This device just keeps on running (true BlackBerry) with its great battery life and durable structure . . . Overall, this is a great smartphone and I have no regrets.”


“SG14” argues the BlackBerry Passport “beats any other phone out there,” writing, “I have never used a smartphone as groundbreaking and exhilarating as this. Highly recommend over the iPhone 6 Plus.”


You can read the rest of the Rogers customer reviews HERE.

Orange (France)

French customers are having their say at Orange’s carrier page, again with a 5/5 star average (seeing a theme, yet?)


Thanks to Google Translate, I was able to get an idea of their goodwill.

For example, Orange customer “jeffuspsr” writes, “The best phone I have had to date. Very nice screen, great keyboard, customization options, a very good speaker, the Hub is perfect, BlackBerry Blend is huge . . . A true innovation.”


To “wikioklin,” the BlackBerry Passport is “superb”:

“After a little hesitation, I decided to buy the BlackBerry quickly after seeking opinions on the internet. I do not regret my purchase. Functional telephone, very well finished and I find it very beautiful. Using it is easy and I think I’ll quickly be unable to do without it. A phone an original design, but is very pleasant to look at and to touch . . . The battery is superb . . . Congratulations to BlackBerry.”


You can read the original French reviews at the Orange carrier website HERE.

Vodafone (Germany)

Over at the German carrier Vodafone, if you were to ask customers if they “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” (Do you speak German?), they would likely say “Ja” (Yes), and then regale you with stories of how their BlackBerry Passports are “ehrfürchtige” (meaning “awesome”).

Again, a perfect 5/5 average!


Here is a final customer review to wrap up with. (Google Translate liked this one, but the rest, not so much.)

Verified customer “Peter” writes, “Very good smartphone. Initially some getting used to because of the format, but after 2 days you do not want to miss it. Finally Overview in mail, calendar etc. The keyboard is super like all BlackBerrys, the battery has a crazy runtime. The OS is terrific and even superior to iOS by far. By contrast, iOS looks like a toy for toddlers! BlackBerry is back. Very nice! . . . Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.”


Check out the rest of the reviews in the original German HERE.

Tri colour passport
Join the Ranks of Satisfied BlackBerry Passport Owners

These are but a few of the many, many customer reviews floating around on the web.

The BlackBerry Passport has stoked the passions of BlackBerry fans around the world, and now is a perfect time to see what the commotion is all about.

Check out THIS ARTICLE for the full list of purchase options, including ShopBlackBerry, where you can buy an unlocked Passport in any of 3 colors for $549 (U.S.; prices may vary in other countries). Stay tuned to INSIDE BlackBerry for the latest BlackBerry news.

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