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Engadget Readers: BlackBerry Passport a Powerful Productivity Tool

The great thing about online product reviews is that the ‘official review’ is just a jumping off point. As commenters add their own experiences, readers get a well-rounded perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

Such has been the case with leading tech blog Engadget’s review of the BlackBerry Passport. While Engadget gave the device a solid 8/10, actual users of the device rate it even higher — with an average of 8.9/10. Engadget highlighted some of the top reader reviews, and it provides a nice insight into why users love their BlackBerry Passports.

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passport jacketIt Fits

One of the biggest questions users have about the BlackBerry Passport is: will it fit in my pocket? Engadget commenter nixxonexxo says that it fits in a pocket just “fine for a phone this large.” Other commenters verify the Passport is eminently pocketable: it will fit in skinny jeans, jackets and the top pocket of a blazer, for example.

Square screen has advantages

The BlackBerry Passport’s 4.5-inch square screen defines the device. It’s what gives it its distinctive shape. And, it’s not just for style. When it comes to the Passport’s 1,440 x 1,440 screen, form truly does follow function.

For example, ZzaqpazZ runs a metal-fabrication business and needs to review blueprints and CAD files on-the-go. On the Passport, these looked “much better than the typical rectangular phones.” The Passport also offers the option for taking square, full-screen photos which Engadget commenter aspani says actually “works great in reports.”

Productivity powerhouse

The BlackBerry Passport’s unique form factor helps users get real work done. Engadget commenter goodtobe says their Passport “has already saved me having to dash to the laptop several times.” Ttwb says that it’s “the first device that doesn’t give me the feeling I need to return to my computer to answer longer emails.” POPPKPD says the device serves as a “mobile office” while lloydlawrence sums it up nicely by writing that the Passport “really delivers the tools you need to get you through the day.”

Image of someone typing on a BlackBerry Passport

Right tool for the right user

As of Thursday, Engadget’s roundup has elicited 80+ more reader comments, including first-time BlackBerry user zedd88 who says the Passport “has been a God send” and “truly one good device.” Check out more of the comments here.

As John Chen has written, the BlackBerry Passport is a “clear indication of BlackBerry’s singular focus: We are innovating mobile technology for serious users who care about serious productivity.” For those users, it’s a powerful tool.

That makes it a polarizing device. For a user focused on getting things done, though, the BlackBerry Passport provides some compelling capabilities. nixxonexxo sums it up nicely by writing “if you’re looking for security and productivity, then this is the only phone you need consider this year.”

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