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Gallery: 24 Great #WhiteClassic Images Created by Our Photoshop-Savvy Fans

Classic_White_RightAngleNo matter how buttoned-up you tend to be when powering through your biggest workloads, it’s okay to have a little fun once in a while.

“All work and no play,” and all of that…

So when we asked our creative fans to send us classic black and white images with a white BlackBerry Classic inserted into them, we received a ton of responses.

If you’re in the UK, you can get your white BlackBerry Classic ON SALE NOW from ShopBlackBerry for £319.00, £30 off the regular price of £349, and customers can get theirs in Indonesia and Hong Kong and carrier retailer stores in select European, Middle East and Asian countries over the next few weeks.

(Read HERE for the announcement, and about upcoming color options in blue and bronze, complementing the black and white editions!)

The white BlackBerry Classic ended up in the famous (and infamous) hands of pop culture icons, artfully presented in chic, high-end presentations, or even thrown out there in interesting abstract concepts.

There are 50+ great images posted in the comments on our original blog. Many thanks to Donny H, carlos, Matteo Vismara, Mobibreak, Julian, BlackBerryClubs, David B, Josh Wedekind and the very very prolific Walter Arsenault!

There are more than we can run here, so to take a look at the entire range, head to Twitter and search for #WhiteClassic and behold the glory of our Photoshop-savvy fans.

History and Pop Culture “Pop” a Little More with #WhiteClassic

Going for the historical angle, ‏@Werionae gave us this very authentic snapshot of President Abraham Lincoln snapping a selfie for the White House archives with his #WhiteClassic:

A more recent US figure (and actual BlackBerry devotee) President Barack Obama gets an upgrade from his Pentagon-approved device, in this tweak by @_quenquen:

The late, great Steve Jobs gives us a “one more thing” moment by way of @HyUkrop:

And Tim Cook apparently followed in Jobs’ footsteps, in this @FrankOKelly submission:

Want classic style? Check out 007 James Bond’s #WhiteClassic, also by @FrankOKelly (and check his feed for his other submissions):

It doesn’t get more classic than The Godfather, thanks to @homeboygino. It may be dirty work, but someone’s gotta do it:

The Godfather apparently came to mind for @_quenquen, as well:

And late King of Pop Michael Jackson gets his #WhiteClassic moonwalk on in this one by @OhhJoy:


#WhiteClassic Meets Geek Culture

BlackBerry fan @SimpleBerryRoy went for the “geek cred” with his submissions:

Apparently, Darth Vader likes to pair his fearsome red lightsaber with a white BlackBerry Classic. I guess it helps him keep on top of running the Empire:

The Dark Lord of the Sith popped up in a submission by @OhhJoy, too:

According to @_apoorv, Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk can even put in a call to Priceline:

Darth Vader isn’t the only bad boy representing. Batman nemesis The Joker pops up in this iconic image from The Dark Knight by ‘Why I Hate BlackBerry’ video blogger, @J_Caloy:

Speaking of Batman, @SimpleBerryRoy also sent us this:

“You called, Batman? You could have just used BBM, you know.”

Even the agents from Men in Black franchise get in on the #WhiteClassic action, in another @J_Caloy submission:

Modern classic The Lord of the Rings gets its due with Gollum holding his Precious – the white BlackBerry Classic, naturally – in this one by L. Marco Miranda:


Even Kids’ Characters Love a #WhiteClassic

So that’s how E.T. phones home (thanks, @kyleheney!):

Looks like Shrek got himself an extra-large BlackBerry Classic for his beefy ogre hands (@OhhJoy):

Disney’s Aladdin is ready to show you “a whole new world” available through the #WhiteClassic, also by @J_Caloy:


You Never Know Just Where You’ll See a #WhiteClassic

That’s a pretty productive hand you’ve got there (@DatatheNewGreed):

Talk about dedication: This, from @KyleGriffith, is a smooth piece of work:

And this one, by @_quenquen, really works:

Here’s a ballet-themed one by @walterarseneau1 (and check out his feed for several more):


Thank You for Your Submissions!

From all of us here in the editorial/social wing at BlackBerry, thank you taking the time to contribute to our fun call for #WhiteClassic images!

We saw it all, from Darth Vader, James Bond and The Godfather to mock-tattoos and ballet!

We’ll leave you with this beauty, from @_quenquen, which he posted to his Tumblr account:

Artoo Classic

With more devices and color varieties popping up, I’m excited to see what else our creative users come up with!

As I said at the top, UK customers can get their white BlackBerry Classics ON SALE NOW from ShopBlackBerry for £319.00, with additional availability in Indonesia and Hong Kong, and availability expanding to carrier retailer stores in select European, Middle East and Asian countries over the next few weeks.

Time for a #WhiteClassic?

Go get yours!

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