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Meetings Getting you Down? Here are a Few Tricks to Help You Become a Meeting Pro

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iStock_000001145681_LargeHow many hours a week do you spend in meetings? If you’re anything like the average employee, it’s upwards of five hoursperhaps more, with no guarantee that those hours are productive. The sad truth of modern meetings is that they’re the biggest time-waster (and money-waster) in the enterprise – you already know this. But what if I told you that the problem wasn’t with the meetings themselves? What if I told you the problem was actually you?

Let’s not mince words; the reason you can’t seem to squeeze any productivity out of your meetings is probably because you’re flying blind with them. Don’t take that personally, though. Most people in your organization are in the same boat as you.

That is, they have absolutely no idea how to host an effective meeting.

Blogger Sarah Cooper has offered up a list of awesome tips to help you…

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