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UPDATED: With BlackBerry’s Spring Sale, Make Your TCO Savings Bloom BIG

UPDATED: May 1, 11:45 AM EST

Great news! The Spring Sale has been extended! The offers will be available until 11:59 PM PST on Friday, May 8th.

Be sure to visit your ShopBlackBerry store, (US, Canada, the UK, France and Germany) as soon as possible to take advantage!

It’s that time of year – birds are tweeting, the air is fresh, and people are getting their homes spruced up with their annual “spring cleanings.”

Thankfully, with the ShopBlackBerry Spring Sale running through Friday, May 5th, you won’t have to clean out your wallet. Far from it.

Spring_shopBB_narrow2 ibb feature

Extraordinary Savings…

That’s right! You can take advantage of the sale to turn what’s already a great value – two-year-savings which I’ll detail later in this post – into an extraordinary one, and you can do so through all ShopBlackBerry stores, including the US, Canada, the UK, France and Germany.

For instance, in the US, the Passport and Classic are both $50 off, while the Z30 is $120 (35%) off the current price, or just $229, and the Q5 is just $149.

In Canada, the Passport and Q5 are both C$100 off, resulting in sale prices of $599 and $199, respectively. We’ve also trimmed the prices of the Classic and Z30, too.

For our European customers, we’ve slashed the prices of the Z30, Q10 and Q5 by an incredible 50% off. That means in France and Germany, you can get the Z30 for as little as €250 (£239.50 in the UK), the Q10 for as little as €200, and the Q5 for an incredible €120 (£119.50 in the UK)

We’ve also cut Passport and Classic prices in Germany and France by €50, and in the UK by £30.

That’s quite a bit more than pocket change for these fully-unlocked phones. I’d argue it’s enough to take a friend or two out to lunch to brag about your savings.

Visit your ShopBlackBerry store, whether the US, Canada, the UK, France and Germany, to see all of the savings.

But just wait – it gets better.

…Even more Impressive when Considering the Total Cost of Ownership

As we detailed a few months back, buying an unlocked, prepaid phone yields more benefits than merely being able to use it on multiple carriers – it can save you serious money over buying a phone that locks you into a two-year plan.


Think of carrier-subsidized phones as being like home mortgages. In both cases, you’re borrowing money to avoid paying for the phone or home in cash upfront. And in both cases, you’ll essentially end up paying ‘interest’ on that money you borrowed such that the total amount you pay over time is much higher than initially appears. Because nothing in this life comes for free.

However, if you purchase any of our unlocked phones, from our critically-acclaimed BlackBerry Classic and award-winning BlackBerry Passport, to our powerful, all-touch Z30 and colorful Q5, and take them to prepaid/pay-as-you-go carriers, you’ll be able to save almost $1,000. I’ve done some calculations using real-world carrier pricing data in the United States. We’ll assume 3 GB/month plans, skipping activation fees and other ancillary costs for clarity. Savings will be similar but may vary in different countries.

(And be sure to check out my post on how to swap SIM cards and change carriers with your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.)

Prepaid Carrier vs. Large Contract Carrier:

Example One

  • 32GB BlackBerry Passport via ShopBlackberry: $549;
  • Prepaid carrier: $35/month for 3GB/month data = $840 for 2 years
  • 32GB HTC One M9 on large contract carrier: $199.99 down, plus $80/month for 3GB data
  • Two-year costs: BlackBerry Passport – $1,389; HTC One M9: $2,119.99
  • Two-year savings with BlackBerry Passport over HTC One M9: $730.99 (35%)

Example Two

  • 16GB BlackBerry Classic via ShopBlackBerry: $399;
  • Prepaid carrier: $35/month for 3GB/month data = $840 for 2 years
  • 16GB iPhone 6 on large contract carrier: $199.99 down plus $80/month for 3GB data
  • Two-year costs: BlackBerry Classic – $1,239; iPhone 6 – $2,119.99
  • Two-year savings with BlackBerry Classic over iPhone 6: $880.99 (42%)

Example Three

  • 16GB BlackBerry Z30 via ShopBlackBerry: $229; 8 GB BlackBerry Q5: $149
  • 16GB iPhone 5C on large contract carrier: $0 down plus $80/month = $1,920
  • Two-year cost of Z30: $1,068; Two-year cost of Q5: $989
  • Two-year savings of Z30 over iPhone 5C: $852 (44%);
  • Two-year savings of Q5 over iPhone 5C: $931 (48%);

Okay, that’s a lot of numbers, so let’s break it down.

Comparing what you’ll pay for an unlocked BlackBerry Passport versus an HTC One M9 over two years, you’ll end up saving $731 – or 35%. That’s like the cost of ANOTHER BlackBerry Passport along with plenty of money left over for top-notch cases and other accessories from ShopBlackBerry.
With an unlocked BlackBerry Classic versus an iPhone 6 over two years, your two-year savings are even bigger: $881, or 42%. Even when you compare zero-down phones such as the iPhone 5C, you’ll save big with BlackBerry. Go with a Z30, and you’ll save $852 over two years, or 44%. Go with a Q5, and you’ll save a whopping $931, or 48%.

It’s a no-brainer: With that amount of money saved, you could buy a very respectable laptop to hook your new BlackBerry device up to the productivity-enhancing BlackBerry Blend.

What are You Waiting For?
With hard-to-ignore evidence such as that laid out above, it’s a fantastic time to take advantage of our Spring Sale and upgrade your device.

Act fast – this offer is only good through Friday, May 8th, 2015.

Matt Young

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