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This CEO’s Colleagues Became Hooked on the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend After One Demo


Andreas Ponte is CEO at Swiss IT solutions provider Belsoft Collaboration AG.

An avid BlackBerry user who blogs about his affinity for BlackBerry tech, Ponte caught our attention after he tweeted about the positive reaction his BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend received from peers at a recent meeting.

German CEO 1

Credit: Andreas Ponte

This Zurich resident credits the productivity boost of using Passport and Blend together for giving him the time to live off the clock and enjoy the rich cultural experiences offered in his region.

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Brea Watts: What sold you on the BlackBerry Passport?

Ponte: Initially I was curious because of the form factor and the keyboard, then I read customer reviews and became really interested. My Z10 was also starting to show its age so I thought this would be the perfect upgrade.

Watts: What piqued your colleagues’ interest about BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend?

Ponte: The BlackBerry Passport only had to sit on a table to make people gawk at the screen size and keyboard. Many people at that particular event were using Q10 devices and were looking for a keyboard device again. I showed my peers some functions of the adaptive keyboard and they were impressed. After trying it for themselves they were hooked.

I also showed them how easy it is to access files stored on the internal network without the need to use a VPN by using BlackBerry Blend. The fact that you don’t need to install any software other then BlackBerry Blend on all of your devices was a great selling point.

Watts: What type of work have you accomplished with the BlackBerry Passport?

Ponte: Shortly after I got the BlackBerry Passport I went on a business trip for a two-day conference. I brought my laptop with me but I barely touched it. I answered all of messages, took notes, modified documents, practiced my presentation, took pictures and so on.

Shot taken using Ponte’s BlackBerry Passport Credit: Andreas Ponte

The amazing battery life got me throughout the day without needing to recharge at all. Since then I’ve reduced my need to use a laptop, especially while traveling.

Watts: Can you describe how BlackBerry Blend has been useful to your job?

Ponte: It’s a time saver that makes getting work done more efficient and flawless.

I used to constantly send myself files, pictures etc. to get information and data from one device to the other. But with BlackBerry Blend I can directly access the files, transfer them or attach them directly to an email.

I’m able to access files which are stored in the office without needing to connect via VPN on my laptop or tablet through BlackBerry Work Drive. Just a few days ago I was working from home and needed to check text and BBM messages but had misplaced my BlackBerry. Instead of wasting time looking for it, I just used BlackBerry Blend from my desktop to get my messages and information.

I really love the BlackBerry Hub because I get all of my messages – email, BBM, social streams and more in one space. With BlackBerry Blend and the BlackBerry Passport I don’t have to login all these places just to connect with several clients.

Watts: It seems you’ve gotten a considerable productivity bump with the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend.

Ponte: Definitely! As I mentioned before, it’s much easier to work and interact with data with the combination of the two.

I’m able to write and prepare more items with the BlackBerry Passport because the keyboard is that great and allows for very quick typing.

Watts: How would you rate it?

Ponte: Outstanding!

The BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend with the functionality of BlackBerry OS 10.3, the Hub, and the battery life are perfect for all of my needs.


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