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Security Tech Entrepreneur Demonstrates: People Who Know Security Use BlackBerry

DEVICES / 06.30.15 / tflorio2014

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Hernan Matute and BlackBerry Z10People who make it their business to be productive — securely — are some of the most loyal BlackBerry users. Barack Obama. Angela Merkel. And, Hernan Matute.

OK, Hernan isn’t a world leader. But, as founder and CEO of Ottawa-based Cyphercor, Hernan spends his days thinking about how to improve cybersecurity. His company’s signature product, LoginTC, is a cloud-based and mobile app solution that provides multifactor authentication to protect networks, software, data and anything else that requires online access.

Given his expertise, it’s no surprise that Hernan is a loyal BlackBerry user. In fact, he started with one of the very first BlackBerry devices, a “pure email system” that he used in the late 1990s. “I used it every day,” he says, “that was my email system when I was remote.”

Today, Hernan uses a BlackBerry Z10. “This is my tool — my business tool…

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