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Top 6 Mobile and Security Trends according to Super-Analyst Mary Meeker

06.01.15 / andshen

Busy week ahead? Still haven’t had time to flip through all 197 slides of Analyst-turned-VC Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2015 report? I’ve got you covered with a summary of the top 6 highlights from last week’s report.

1. Mobile Advertising is Booming

meeker 15 mobile adMeeker emphasizes that internet advertising is beginning the big switch from the desktop to mobile. As seen in the slide above, global internet ads totaled $133 billion last year, with year-to-year growth at 34% for mobile but only 11% for desktop. Some of the biggest drivers include entertaining ad formats and buy buttons tailored specifically for mobile. This blend of e-commerce with advertising minimizes “friction to purchase,” writes Meeker.

“The time for social commerce has arrived,” agrees Matthew Talbot, BlackBerry Senior VP for BBM. BBM Channel has become more than just a connecter, enabling brands such as Coca-Cola, Garuda Airlines (Indonesia) and Qoo10 to advertise AND sell directly to Asian consumers.

2. Threat of Cyber-attacks Growing “in Size, Complexity and Risk”

meeker 15 mobile breach

Meeker expects that cyber-attacks will grow “bigger and faster” due to insider (read: employee) misuse, mobile devices used to harvest data, and a lack of skilled experts. Her research estimates that insider misuse, including privilege abuse or credential misuse, amount to more than 20% of all breaches. Adware, which grew by 136% between 2013 and the third quarter of 2014, will be increasingly dangerous as it’s used to access personal information (i.e. contact phone numbers, emails, etc.). Finally, lack of mobile management on lost or stolen devices led to 22% of data breaches.

As BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, mentions in his blog post, “we at BlackBerry have been saying [this] all along.” That’s why we tout our EMM platform, BES12: to enable worker productivity by providing true enterprise security.

3. Keep an Eye out for “Enterprise Internet Entrepreneurs”

Traditional internet entrepreneurs focused creating new products for consumers. Enterprise internet entrepreneurs, by contrast, are focused on the B2B opportunity of improving on existing processes. By seeking out user/worker pain points, this select group will “chang[e] business process one segment at a time.”

That mirrors BlackBerry’s ongoing shift from a pure maker of devices to one creating business software that enhances smartphones and tablets and refines the end-user experience. For instance, through the BlackBerry Hub, all of your communication and conversations are managed in a central location. Pain points, including multiple open applications, unending notifications, and remembering your conversations, are removed. It’s part of BlackBerry’s larger goal of creating enterprise software that makes managing work simple and intuitive.

4. Communications Revamped through Mobile Messaging Apps

meeker 15 messaging

Meeker predicts that the addition of new services on top of today’s mobile messaging platforms will allow us to reclaim our productivity with easier communications. As seen in the slide, additions would allow for: simple yet 24/7 access, mobile yet distributed reach, and easy yet productive interfaces –all supporting the next generation of mobile messaging.

BlackBerry’s BBM team is leading this push towards secure, efficient, global collaboration. With BBM Enterprise (formerly known as BBM Protected), we offer enterprise grade, end-to-end security along with simple access and instant connection. With BBM Meetings, you can meet and collaborate with colleagues globally using a mobile-first service.

5. Increasing Tech Flexibility at Work

meeker 15 millennial

And…the workforce continues to change. Meeker identifies millennials (aged 15-35) as the “largest generation in [the] workforce this year.” We’re demanding change. As a millennial myself, I understand the desire to use my own tech to save time and make work easier. Meeker’s perception that this will lead to variable work hours bridged by online platforms is something to be excited about. It will be great to see businesses embrace joining in on-the-go. As IT needs adapt, businesses should turn to EMM software such as BES 12 that proactively allow this worker flexibility, while continuing to support needed business policies.

6. Tech Innovations will Increase Value and Reduce Cost of Healthcare

meeker 15 healthcare

As highlighted above, an industry shift towards “value-based care” makes technological innovation in the healthcare space increasingly important. Meeker’s research shows that Medicare won’t have sufficient funds to pay all hospital bills beginning in 2030. Traditional healthcare platforms such as hospitals, urgent care centers, and doctors’ offices may no longer be cost efficient. Especially in cases of chronic disease, she argues that it is time to turn to a “21st Century Consumption” model, which relies heavily on technology innovations such as “Connected Medicine,” healthcare apps, and wearable devices, to cut costs.

BlackBerry has seen that with one of our customers, home healthcare provider, Revera. It relies on BlackBerry solutions to manage patient care and communications. Through the deployment of BES12, BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and available applications, Revera was able to streamline processes and save resources, while continuing to protect and secure private information. BlackBerry’s experience in regulated industries allowed fast integration of the technology.

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