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Versatile BlackBerry Classic Is This Entrepreneur/Activist’s ‘Little Black Dress’

BLACKBERRY CLASSIC / 06.21.15 / Brea

Every woman is expected to own a “little black dress” that can be worn for any occasion, never going out of style.

walaa idris 3 vertical (1) For London-based political activist and serial entrepreneur Walaa Idris, the BlackBerry Classic is the little black dress of smartphones. But it’s far more essential than anything in this power professional’s closet.

German-born Idris began her career two decades ago when she set up businesses in her parents’ native Sudan to help rural families get better education and health services. Since then, Idris has worn many hats including owning a property consultancy, advising small business startups, and assisting with various local and national political campaigns in the UK.

With a plate always full of things to do, Idris takes her BlackBerry Classic with her to boardrooms, ballrooms, and everywhere in between.

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Watts: What makes the BlackBerry Classic the little black dress of smartphones?

Idris: It’s efficient, practical, plus smart looking. It’s a business tool that can also be fun—just like that one little black number we all have that smoothly transitions from “professional” to “party.”

I need a device that allows me to get work done 24/7 as I take on various roles, responsibilities, and interact with different colleagues. A typical day for me can include reviewing speaking points before an interview about my political campaign, writing notes for a blog post, mentoring youths, advising one of my startup clients, and preparing logistics for an event.

Juggling multiple tools to accomplish all these my tasks can be a hassle, so having one reliable device that can get me through my day with all of the information I need at my fingertips is phenomenal.

Watts: Is the LBD factor what drew you to the BlackBerry Classic?

Idris: The “black dress” analogy is a perk of the device, but I decided to get it because my BlackBerry Bold 9900 just died on me one day.

I went out on a hunch that the BlackBerry Classic would be a perfect replacement, and I must say that getting this device was the greatest decision I’ve made. It is the best business phone and a must-have tool for mobile businesses.

Watts: What makes the BlackBerry Classic the best business device?

Idris: Most of the time I’m out and about handling various tasks but I still need to be accessible. One of the exciting things about the Classic is the ease with which you can access the different applications at the same time. Recently I was preparing a blog piece for one business while taking a call about another and uploading an attachment for another endeavor without needing to fully come out of any of the app screens.

Plus, nothing beats the speed of the keyboard typing, which is essential when you’re constantly communicating with tons of people while on the go. And I absolutely love being able to access important files on Dropbox without having to wait until I go into the office.

I don’t always have time to fiddle with different apps and windows on my phone, or send every file I’ll need for a day out of the office via email, but with the BlackBerry Classic I’m able to stay on top of everything.

Watts: How do you like the core features and overall experience of the BlackBerry Classic?

Idris: Overall, I’ve been able to keep a high level of productivity thanks to the keyboard and the larger screen’s clarity, in addition to apps that help me conduct business swiftly and smoothly.

And the battery life is miles better than the Bold’s; I only have to charge every other day. Short battery life can disrupt work that needs to be done when your phone suddenly dies on you or constantly needs to be plugged into the wall.

Watts: How would you rate it?

Idris: Definitely a 10 out of 10. My experience with the BlackBerry Classic has even convinced a few of my peers who had switched to an iPhone to come back to BlackBerry.

Pricing and Availability

Ready to get more work done on the Classic? U.S. customers can own an unlocked Classic for just $344.99. They can also get the Classic via T-Mobile for zero down and $18.33 a month for 24 months. Verizon and AT&T offer similar deals. In Canada, look to carriers such as Bell, Telus, Rogers, and others for good deals.

For an unlocked Classic, U.S. and Canadian consumers also may buy directly from ShopBlackBerry. I also recommend regularly checking here for availability in your region. (Note that pricing differs per market.)


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