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BlackBerry Classic: Must-Have Accessory for Celebrity Fashion Blogger

BLACKBERRY CLASSIC / 07.16.15 / Brea

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A hectic work life can be a happy one if the job is rewarding. Just ask fashion blogger Jay Strut, who says he doesn’t need spa days or breaks from work because he loves what he does.

Strut debuted on the Toronto fashion scene while still in his teens—by posing as a buyer for his mother’s bridal shop in order to gain access to Fashion Week events.

That early moxie paid off. Strut, who doesn’t disclose his real name or age, now is considered one of Toronto’s top 10 fashion bloggers, with more than 25,000 Instagram followers,28,000 Twitter followers, and 755,000 Google+ followers.

You can catch Strut hosting parties after Toronto Fashion Week, hanging out with stars at Calvin Klein’s invite-only 5th Annual Women In Film party, or working on projects with Chanel, Versace, and other big names.

Constantly on the move juggling product launches, fashion shows, and appearances, Strut needed a mobile device that not only could keep him on schedule, but let him blog all day, on the go. Strut chose the BlackBerry Classic.

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Watts: How did Jay Strut come to be?

Strut: Jay Strut started back in my younger years when I needed a creative outlet. When I was 13 I would develop blogs, Myspace pages, and websites to have places where I could be myself. As you can see I love tight pants and tank tops and online was the best place for me to express my interest in fashion.

I was a blogger before blogging became a “thing” and was using my mom’s bridal store as a tool to get in front of fashion designers. Once I got in the door, I used my artist name “Jay Strut” as my brand.

Watts: How important is technology and mobile devices to your brand?

Strut: It’s my lifeline. A BlackBerry was one of the first things I bought for myself when I was younger, and I’ve been relying on mobile devices ever since.

I just got out of a meeting and I’m sitting in an Uber as we speak. Pretty soon I’ll be walking into one event, then another, and another. Although I have three different laptops for all of my business endeavors, having a device that slips into my pocket or bag is key to survival.

Watts: What made you go “back to basics” and get the BlackBerry Classic?

Strut: I need two different devices: one for creativity and one for productivity. One of the first phones that I had gotten for myself was the BlackBerry Pearl and that keyboard is probably why I can type more than 120 words a minute. I went to the BlackBerry Classic launch event and realized how much I missed being able to knock out messages quickly and efficiently.

I’ll admit that my life is a bit fabulous, but it’s not all fun and games. In between the “fun” stuff there’s a lot of organizing, negotiating, and work happening behind the scenes and that’s where the BlackBerry Classic comes in.

Watts: How important is the keyboard to your job?

Strut: It’s a necessity because I’m a full-time blogger and content creator. This one feature alone is everything. Although I live a non-traditional and ever-changing life, I don’t miss a beat with the BlackBerry Classic, the Hub, and that keyboard. I get all of my notifications in one place, I can easily communicate with the people I need to, and write a blog post without error. I’m always on the go and I don’t have time for mistakes or to edit my messages. It’s common for me to literally walk the runway while firing off an email or other communication, and my messages need to be flawless.

The BlackBerry Classic handles all of this for me and lets me do my job effortlessly. I tweeted that since getting the BlackBerry Classic my productivity has gone up and I stand by that.

Watts: What work have you done with BlackBerry Classic?

Strut: Recently I was in France for the Fashion Week, and my BlackBerry Classic was right there beside me letting me take notes for my blog and other outlets. Aside from what I post on I also curate content for the brands I work with. When I’m not able to physically attend their events I send them content I’ve written with my BlackBerry.

As we speak I’m walking into the launch of a makeup brand. After this, I’m headed to a restaurant opening, then a menswear launch and whatever else is on my schedule. My BlackBerry Classic is right here with me to help me stay productive, organized, plus take notes, and other recordings for the content I will be writing later on.

Watts: What features do you enjoy?

Strut: The Hub is central to everything that I do! I wouldn’t be able to keep up with anything without it! There’s a swipe-up feature that I love that lets you see all of your screens and have everything at your fingertips.

Watts: What apps do you use on the BlackBerry Classic?

Strut: In all honesty, I’m not that big on applications. I use social media but the BlackBerry Classic is strictly to keep me productive and on top of everything.

But BBM is fantastic, I use it across all of my devices.

Watts: How would you rate your BlackBerry Classic?

Strut: I love it! It’s an essential that I wouldn’t be able to do without.

Watts: What has the reaction been from peers?

Strut: None of them are surprised I own it—it’s common in this industry to own two devices.

Pricing and Availability

Do you need a great smartphone keyboard to create on the go? In the U.S., you can own an unlocked Classic for just $344.99. You can also get the Classic via T-Mobile for zero down and $18.33 a month for 24 months. Verizon and AT&T offer similar deals. In Canada, look to carriers such as Bell, Telus, Rogers, and others for good deals.

U.S. and Canadian consumers also may buy unlocked Classics directly from ShopBlackBerry. I also recommend regularly checking here for availability in your region. (Note that pricing differs per market.)


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