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‘I Get Paid To Communicate, Not Crush Candy’ Says BlackBerry Classic-Loving Tech Manager

BLACKBERRY CLASSIC / 09.18.15 / Brea

Dave Hong frontThe more efficient you are at work, the better your chances of getting out of the office to enjoy hobbies and other ventures.

At least that’s the strategy that web project manager Dave Hong uses to balance his day job, side hustles and passion for restaurant hunting. The New York City resident and ramen lover manages to stay on top of work with his BlackBerry Classic, leaving him time to post Instagram photos of the cafes, bars, and restaurants he’s found.

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Watts: What made you write on Tumblr, “I get paid to communicate, not to crush candy?

Hong: That’s my standard comeback to anyone who questions why I have a BlackBerry, and it usually stops them in their tracks. Once they recover from their shock that BlackBerry is still in business, they usually tell me how much they miss having a physical keyboard.

Dave Hong squareWatts: How do you communicate with your BlackBerry Classic?

Hong: I manage Web development projects at my day job, social events in my personal life, and marketing and operations for a non-profit on the side. My jobs and side hobbies combined require a lot of communications and that keyboard is so useful when you need to type accurately and quickly. I can even type without looking down.

I use Evernote syncs to store all of my memos, and the app Remember the Milk to track what I should be doing on a given day. RTM is the only task list service that is cross-platform and offers a native BlackBerry app.

Watts: Why did you choose the BlackBerry Classic?

Hong: I loved my Bold 9700 and naturally went for the Q10 when it came out. I was sad about the lack of an optical trackpad, so I jumped at the chance to get the BlackBerry Classic. And it has a brighter screen, which is a plus.

Watts: What are your favorite features and why?

Hong: The calendar. It lets me see my schedule at a glance and see less (or more) of it by pinching.

The communication capabilities. Being able to send replies to emails and texts offline while on the subway or plane, then having them all automatically go out as soon as I get a signal – that’s gold.

BlackBerry Hub. It lets me review my messages in a single spot.


BBM Voice. Conversations with this app are crystal clear.

Apps. I’m able to run Android apps that my coworkers use so we can collaborate on projects.

BlackBerry Blend. I love how I can have the same messaging experience, including texts and BBMs, on my desktop that I have on my BlackBerry. The modern interface encourages me to keep my responses to the point, which my correspondents appreciate, I’m sure.

Availability and Pricing

Ready to get your work done faster so you have more free time? In the U.S., you can own an unlocked Classic for $324.99. You can also get the Classic via T-Mobile for zero down and $15.42 a month for 24 months. Verizon and AT&T offer similar deals. In Canada, look to carriers such as Bell, Telus, Rogers, and others for good deals.

U.S. and Canadian consumers also may buy unlocked Classics directly from ShopBlackBerry. We also recommend regularly checking here for availability in your region. (Note that pricing differs per market.)


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