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Ready For Our Closeup: BlackBerry’s Latest Hollywood Appearances

A BlackBerry Q10 conveys a sweet sentiment the old-fashioned way, via text, on Sense8.

A character on the new Netflix sci-fi series Sense8 uses a BlackBerry Q10 rather than telepathy to convey a message.

Wherever there is high-stakes crime solving, political intrigue or maverick justice going down, you are sure to find a BlackBerry smartphone.

In other words, BlackBerry devices are showing up in an awful lot of the hottest TV, cable, and on-demand series.

We can’t say we blame the shows’ creators for equipping their stars with our devices. If you’re going to play a politician, doctor or renegade cop you need your smartphone to be just as glamorous and no-nonsense and kick-a** as your character.

The lead character in Amazon’s psychological drama, Hand of God, uses a Porsche Design smartphone.

It goes without saying that high-ranking White House officials like the ones in the Tea Leoni vehicle, Madam Secretary, would follow the real-life President’s example and choose BlackBerry. So does another U.S. president – the fictional one on the ABC series Scandal.


Fictional U.S. President played by actor Tony Goldwyn on ABC’s Scandal also uses a BlackBerry (Porsche Design) device.

Same goes for the crime-solving FBI agents on Fox’s Bones (the long-running series starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz) as well as the high-tech cops on CBS’s CSI: Cyber starring Patricia Arquette.

What else would those crazy Sense8 kids depend on but a smartphone that practically reads their minds?


Fox TV’s Bones husband-and-wife team nabs perps with the help of a BlackBerry Z10.

Here are some other shows in which BlackBerry phones have made recent cameos (did you see them?):

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