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My New Favorite BBM Feature – Apple Watch Support

BBM / 10.16.15 / michaelaccettura

BBM-AppleWatch1With the latest BBM release, we introduced many new exciting features, but my personal favorite is support for the Apple Watch.

As someone who relies on BBM for both work and personal messaging throughout the day, the ability to quickly read and respond to messages no matter the situation is really powerful.

Whether I am walking to or from meetings, working out at the gym or walking my dog, I am able to read and respond to messages in record time.

As tech website Boosh noted in its post BBM Beats WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to the Apple Watch, BBM is one of the first messaging apps available for the Apple Watch.

(BBM also works on Android Wear smartwatches, too – read more here.)

Both at home and in the office, I am able to leave my phone on the desk or plugged into charge while keeping up with conversations on my wrist.

I also like using BBM on the Apple Watch during lunch or dinner, as I can discreetly read and reply to messages without offending the people I’m with – especially when someone’s instituted a “no phone at the table” rule. I can say I’m “just checking the time.”

With BBM on the Apple Watch, I can:

  • Read notifications for new messages
  • Reply to messages with canned replies (e.g., Ok, Yes, No, etc.), emojis, or voice dictation
  • Send new messages to one of my open chats

BBM is for active conversations where messages are delivered and read within seconds. Apple Watch support further enables that by allowing users to read and reply to friends, family and colleagues faster than ever.

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