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The BlackBerry Passport Takes the Wheel for this Truck Driving Expert and Social Media Specialist



Social media can be a blessing or a curse, depending on who you ask. A blessing for consumers looking for an easy way to network, but a curse for those responsible for managing multiple accounts for a company.

Guy Broderick, driver trainer and social media specialist for APPS Transport Group, would definitely agree. Broderick has been in the commercial truck driving business for almost 30 years and is considered an expert in his industry. Broderick is a print and web writer for the truck driving industry, radio and television guest for transportation, and a member of government and private sector transportation committees for commercial truck drivers in Canada. Broderick keeps up with traffic while also managing his company’s social media channels with the help of the BlackBerry Passport.

(The Passport also puts these users on the road to success: a heart surgeon and medical app developer, a global software executive, a young entrepreneur, an upscale homebuilder’s CEO, a tech headhunter, a geologist and pilotcelebrity chef Tyler Florence, a tech startup founder, a sales director, a senior hospital executive, a manufacturing executive, a non-profit founder, a software engineer, a legal administrator, a pharmaceutical CEO, a software manager, an insurance salesman, and these workers from multiple industries.)

Watts: What made you get a BlackBerry Passport?

Broderick: I’m the social media specialist for APPS, so I manage all of our activities on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Initially I had a BlackBerry Z10, which was a great tool for the type of work that I do, but I needed a device with a bigger screen. I had my choice between a notebook, tablet or the Passport. I decided to get the Passport.

BBRY2709_Instagram_Image_Passport_PrivateJetWatts: You chose the BlackBerry Passport over a notebook or tablet?

Broderick: Yes, it was an easy decision to make. I attend a lot of industry events for networking and promoting, and the Passport is the perfect tool to work with.

Recently I was at a Honda event in Toronto alongside a client in the car racing industry. I took great photos at the track that were immediately published to our social media pages.

In comparison to a tablet, notebook or even competitor smartphone, the Passport outweighs them all. It is solid in your hands, powerful and portable. After experiencing it, it would be really hard to use anything else.

Especially if you’re in the social or digital marketing field. The Passport should be named “Smart Tool” for social media professionals.

Watts: How do you use the BlackBerry Passport on the job?

Broderick: Social media engagement happens anywhere and anytime. When I’m on the road I can reply to comments from customers and share high-quality photos or relevant information to our pages. When people see me posting with my Passport, they see a professional tool at work.

I’m also responsible for training drivers in my company, and that requires making training videos for them. The Passport has great video capabilities ‎that I have been able to use for these videos, furthermore proving that the Passport isn’t just a smartphone; it’s a smart tool.

Watts: Has the BlackBerry Passport impacted your productivity?

Broderick: My productivity increases the more I use it. I get emails and social media notifications all day and enjoy being able to manage them in a central location. But the battery life is really my favorite thing about the Passport. When you’re traveling it’s such a hassle to keep up with communications. If I use a laptop I get can get about three hours’ worth of work in, but finding WiFi or a power source is such an inconvenience.

With the Passport I can easily and efficiently stay on top of everything, right in the palm of my hands.

Passport_CompWatts: What are your favorite features?

Broderick: The keyboard is essential for communication and posting online. It took a while to get used to it, but once I did I was hooked.

The screen size and resolution are very easy on the eyes – which is key to posting professional content on our pages. These features are what sold me on the device, proving that “it’s hip to be SQUARE.”

BlackBerry Blend is another great tool. Having the ability to work seamlessly between a desktop, laptop or tablet with your BlackBerry device just spells productivity. And best of all, no wires, and when you are done you just log out of Blend and everything is secure.

But an important feature that many don’t touch on is support. I have had many other brands of phones, but I have never had the support I have had from BlackBerry. If you have a question and post it to their Twitter page, they’ll get back to you with BlackBerry speed and promptly provide you with the right information.

In Ontario we have the BlackBerry Expert Support Center. I’ve the chance to sit down with them to discuss an issue, and the type of help that BlackBerry provided is exactly what I need in a manufacturer.

Watts: Is mobile security a necessary feature for your role?

Broderick: Yes, and I’ll quote my IT manager on this one.

“We have comfort knowing that messages are encrypted. Although not considered a high-security industry, trucking is like any other business. We have security requirements both internal and external. We have a duty to our customers to maintain security in our communications. BlackBerry is our tool to do that in our company.”

Watts: How would you rate the BlackBerry Passport?

Broderick: It’s the perfect tool for social media work. A great device with outstanding features and solid engineering.

Its engineering makes it a head turner. More people ask me about my Passport than any other device that I’ve used in the past.

The Passport is different and unique, which is just another way of spelling BlackBerry.

Pricing and Availability

Ready to widen your mobile horizons with a BlackBerry Passport? Get a factory-unlocked BlackBerry Passport from our global shopping portal, (check with your local carrier for device compatibility):

Black: $499

White: $499

Limited Edition Red: $499

New Silver Edition: $549

It’s also at Amazon, and at AT&T for $669.99 unsubsidized or $99.99 with a 2-year contractRogers and Telus carry the BlackBerry Passport in Canada.


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