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Getting Started with PRIV

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry Help Blog.

PRIV combines everything you’ve come to expect from BlackBerry with the full ecosystem of Android and its apps.

To help you get up and running with your new PRIV smartphone, we’ve put together the below guide. Check it out!

Step 1 – Insert your SIM card and optional media card

The first thing you’ll want to do after unboxing your PRIV is insert your nano SIM and (optional) media card. Provided you have the right SIM card, complete the following steps to insert these items into your new device.

WARNING: Do not use a larger SIM card that was cut to a smaller size. Your device might not recognize the SIM card, or the SIM card might get stuck because it is thicker than a nano SIM card.

  1. Position your PRIV so you can see the back cover and top of the device
  2. Release the SIM card tray by pushing the tip of the tool (provided in the box) into the hole.


  1. Pull out the tray
  2. Hold the SIM card so that the metal contacts are facing down and the notch is aligned with the notch in the tray
  3. Place the SIM card in the tray and push the tray into your device


  1. Repeat these steps if you need to insert a media card

After inserting your SIM card and media card, turn on PRIV by holding the power button along the left hand side for 2 to 3 seconds.

Step 2 – Complete the Setup Wizard

When PRIV starts for the first time, the Setup Wizard will appear. This wizard will help you set your device’s region and language, connect to a Wi-Fi network, sign into a Google Account and allow you to transfer data to your new device using the BlackBerry Content Transfer app, or via Tap N Go.

Tip: For a detailed overview, check out 37580 PRIV by BlackBerry Setup Wizard

If you don’t have your previous device with you while setting up your PRIV for the first time you can skip the Content Transfer and complete it later (see step 3).

Tip: To learn more about Tap N Go, which can help you switch from another Android device to PRIV using NFC, click here.

After completing the Setup Wizard you will be shown your home screen.

Step 3 – Transfer data from your previous device

If you skipped content transfer during the Setup Wizard you can still transfer data from your previous device to your PRIV at any point afterwards using the steps below.

  1. On your PRIV, open the Content Transfer app
  2. Tap This is my new device
    • By default, Google™ Drive is used to help transfer data, but you can use a media card or Wi-Fi connection instead. To learn more about using the latter two options click here.
  3. Tap Next
  4. Tap on your Google account
  5. On your previous device, go to
  6. Install the BlackBerry Content Transfer app on your previous device
  7. Open the Content Transfer app and follow the prompts, selecting Google™ Drive
  8. When finished, open the Content Transfer app on your PRIV and enter the password you set to encrypt your data when using the Content Transfer app on your previous device

Depending on which platform your previous device used, the content transfer app may not be able to transfer all of your data.

If this is the case, after completing the content transfer process, review your previous device and identify anything you need to save.

For example, if you use BlackBerry Password Keeper you will want to export your data from your previous device so it can imported into Password Keeper on your PRIV.

When you have finished identifying and recording any details, the next step is setting up accounts on your PRIV.


To restore your BBM contact list, sign into BBM on your PRIV using the same BlackBerry ID. Since your BBM Shop stickers and subscriptions are associated with your BlackBerry ID, they will be accessible on your PRIV, provided you use the same BlackBerry ID that you were using on your previous device.*

Don’t forget that when it comes time to renew your subscription(s) that you’ll want to renew them on your new device.

*Stickers can only be restored to PRIV if your previous device was a BlackBerry or Android device. If you used iOS you cannot restore access to your stickers when you move to PRIV.

Email Accounts

If you used the Content Transfer app and selected Email Accounts, you will need to enter the account password(s) during the final step of the content transfer process.

To add a new email account to your PRIV, if you didn’t use the Content Transfer app, go to the BlackBerry Hub, tap gs_priv_3bar followed by Add Account and follow the on-screen instructions.

Tip: For a detailed overview check out 37581 How to add an email account to the BlackBerry Hub for Android

Social Networking Accounts

In order to add a social networking account such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to your PRIV, first install these apps via Google Play. After installation, you can setup the accounts on your device by signing into one of these apps, or by going to Settings > Accounts.

Step 4 – Get to know your new device

To help you get up and running, here a few fundamentals you’ll want to know.

To move between your home screens, you can swipe left or right, or use the touch enabled physical keyboard.

To navigate your device, three buttons can be found along the bottom of your screen.

These icons will be hidden depending on the app or screen you are viewing. To show these icons if they are hidden, depending on your device’s orientation, swipe in from the bottom of your screen and they will appear.

To wake up your device, press the power button along the left hand side or tap twice on your screen.

To check your notifications, swipe down from the top of your screen using one finger. Tap a notification to open it, or swipe the notification to the left or right to dismiss it.

To access quick settings, which allows you to turn on and off commonly used features such as Bluetooth or Airplane mode, swipe down from the top of your display using two fingers. This gesture works when you are using an app as well!

To access the BlackBerry Hub, Google Search or Device Search, swipe up from the bottom of your display and release your finger on one of these apps. You can change which apps appear when using this gesture by going to Settings > Swipe Shortcuts

And finally, to access applications and games installed on your PRIV, tap gs_priv_allapps while viewing your home screen.

Tip: To learn more about your device, check out the BlackBerry Help app, or review the PRIV user guide which can found at

Step 5 – Secure your device and turn on Android Device Protection

Your accounts and data from your previous device should be setup and accessible on your PRIV at this point.

All that’s left do from a setup perspective now is ensure your device is secure!
Secure your device with a screen lock and setup a lock screen message

The first step is securing your device is turning on the screen lock feature. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock and select your desired screen lock from the listing below:

  • Swipe – A single swipe will unlock the device. Be advised, this option does not provide any security.
  • Pattern – Draw a pattern on a grid to unlock the device.
  • Picture – Move a number that you choose to a specific location on a picture to unlock the device
  • PIN – Enter a four digit PIN
  • Password – Enter a password that can use letters, numbers & symbols

After setting a screen lock, consider adding your contact details to your lock screen message so someone can contact you if they find your device. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Owner info.

Within this screen, review your lock settings as well – for example, you can set your device to lock automatically after a set period of time or to lock instantly if the power button is pressed.

Understand Android Device Protection (aka Factory reset protection)

PRIV by BlackBerry uses Android 5.1, so when you add a Google account, Android Device Protection is enabled. This feature will allow you to remotely ring, lock or erase your PRIV, in the event you misplace it, using the Android Device Manager app.

Android Device Protection also prevents someone from using your device as their own in the event you lose it. As a result, if you decide to give your PRIV to someone else you MUST remove your Google account first BEFORE performing a factory reset.

If you do not do this, the next person who tries to setup your device will be unable to complete the Setup Wizard as they will be prompted to enter the previous owner’s Google account credentials in order to ‘unlock’ the device.

To learn more about Android Device Protection click here.

Identifying your device’s security status using DTEK by BlackBerry

The final step to ensuring your device is secure is opening the DTEK by BlackBerry app.

Within this app you’ll be able to see your device’s security status at a glance, which should be Excellent provided you followed the steps above.

Step 6 – Where to learn more and find help

All that’s left to do now is learn more about this incredibly powerful device, and what to do if you need some help!

Where to learn more

Several resources you’ll want to check can be found below:

On Device Help

  • PRIV by BlackBerry includes a virtual copy of the user guide within the BlackBerry Help app

User Guide

Web Based Training

The following web based, mobile friendly training courses can found at
If you can’t take these courses right now, consider bookmarking them for easy access later on 🙂

How To Demos

For a visual overview of the features and functions offered by PRIV check out the how to demos.

Where to find help

In addition to the support phone number that can be found in the PRIV box, there are several great self-service support resources.

  • PRIV by BlackBerry Support Website – Located at, this website contains a variety of information that can help you learn more about your device and troubleshoot an issue
  • Blackberry Support Community Forums – Located at, our community of passionate BlackBerry customers can help you out if you stuck. All you need to is register an account and post in the PRIV discussion board and the community can try and help you out!
  • @BlackBerryHelp on Twitter – Follow us on Twitter to receive tips and tricks as well as the ability to ask any quick questions you may have in case you need some help getting pointed in the right direction

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

To learn about PRIV or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product documentation, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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