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Lots of reddit Users Love PRIV. Here’s Why.

11.27.15 / Nicholas Greene

reddit B&W PRIV photo

It’s been almost 3 weeks since BlackBerry released its first Android smartphone, and the positive reviews are still pouring in. And why shouldn’t they be? There’s a lot to praise about the phone, from its keyboard to its battery to its camera.

It’s not just major outlets who are giving the PRIV their love, either. People who’ve spent a bit of time with the device are taking to the web in droves to let everyone know what they think. reddit’s no exception – see for yourself.

Be sure to check out our previous roundup of reddit commentary, our social media roundup, and buyer commentary on the PRIV’s best features, too (you can see a full feature list here). You should also have a look at our recent AMA on r/Android and our PRIV how-to demo videos

Best in Class

“Went from Z10 to Nexus 5 to G3 and now Priv. Loved all the previous phone, especially the Nexus. For me the Priv is the best of the bunch. Screen is awesome, enjoying getting back into the keyboard, basically stock Android with a Hub and a couple notification tray tweaks. Super impressed with the battery life. Easily all day without hitting Battery Saver…All and all, best smartphone I’ve owned. (Source)

Crowd Pleaser

“Went to a family gathering yesterday and showed my Priv off a little. My brother wanted to see it and while he was looking at it, a few other relatives filtered over and also wanted to take a look at it. After that, every time I took my phone out, anyone around me would see it and ask about it.

What was interesting was the reaction to the Priv. Everyone had the same reaction: they really liked it AND, I kid you not, every single person said, ‘This is a Blackberry? I didn’t realize they were still around.’” (Source)

BlackBerry Priv Black and White KeyboardRight-o!

“I’m completely brand new to the physical keyboard world and I am loving it. I’m starting to develop better habits using it but I’m still not as fast as I usually am on an on screen keyboard. It’s a dream to use and I’m surprisingly accurate on it.” (Source)

PRIVileged Audio

“Haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else, but I use my phones generally in the car, and so music / calls are almost always routed via Bluetooth to a Mercedes Benz console. In the past year or so I’ve used a Note 4, a LG G3, a Samsung S6 and as expected Bluetooth audio was always pretty much the same, I thought there was a standard (albeit a low one).

However, with the Priv I’ve been blown away by how good Bluetooth audio is, I don’t know how or why, but it is really so much better than my S6.

I’ve even done tests disconnecting and connecting the two – it’s night and day.”(Source)

Feels Good, Man

The phone is amazing, feels like a Nexus device, plus the keyboard and SD card are nice touches. Seriously can’t wait for Marshmallow to come to it.” (Source)

It’s The Little Things That Count

PRIV reddit Image Two“What really gets me here is the little things, like near stock Android. It’s beautiful, and BlackBerry has done some tasteful additions to the device thus far. Like being able to set the color temperature, the ability to change icon packs on the stock launcher, and having varied options for recents. The included ambient the display is a nice touch too.

A Satisfied Fandroid

“Put it to you this way, I’m a stock Android junkie and I love this thing. Ever since first rumours I’ve wanted it and it has yet to disappoint me. The usability of the keyboard as a giant trackpad has proven to be more handy than I first thought.

All about Appearances

As a final word, the screen is gorgeous, and that slight curve just makes it shine so much more.” (Source)

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

“Got mine last week and it’s awesome; I am very happy with mine. Through DTEK I learned my Yahoo Mail app accessed information from my phone over 1,700 times within the 2 days I had it on my phone, including access to my photos and texts (I did not send/receive any e-mails during that time). Very eye opening! The functionality of Android and the privacy features of Blackberry makes this the best cell phone on the market. (My two cents)” (Source)

Not Just Nostalgia

“I’ll start. Pop up widgets are dope af. And the touchscreen keyboard is a pretty damn good version. I find myself using it more than the physical keyboard – but don’t let that take away it’s thunder. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. It’s been years since I’ve touched a physical keyboard on a phone but this one brings back good memories.” (Source)

Older PRIV user

Tactile Typing

“A friend of mine bought one, and he likes the way he can type. He is in his 60’s and make too many errors on a touchscreen. He likes the clicky clicky. I tried it and it seems good, but I have a few years to go on my nexus contract to change in midstream. In ~~2 years I will assess things and if the Priv has endured, I might buy it.” (Source)

Weekend Fling

“…a weekend with the Priv and I’m sold on the portrait slider concept.” (Source)

Have you ordered your PRIV yet?

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