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PRIV around the World: What Do Reviewers in Europe and Asia Think of BlackBerry’s First Android Phone?

12.07.15 / Nicholas Greene

PRIV Camera Black & White

The BlackBerry PRIV isn’t just making waves in North America and the UK. Reviewers from all over the world are showering BlackBerry’s first Android phone with praise, talking up everything from its keyboard to its battery to its camera. Take a look, and then check it out at ShopBlackBerry (note that most of the excerpts here have been translated to English from their original language, and minor tweaks have been made for readability):


Björn Brodersen, Areamobile: “With its slider mechanism, dual edge display, true QWERTZ keyboard and BlackBerry features like Hub, DTEK and productivity tab, the BlackBerry PRIV stands out against other current Android smartphones.”

Martin Eisenlauer, “Overall, a great comeback from BlackBerry with PRIV. Not a revolution for the mass market but nearly perfect for a specific target group. They will be happy to have the BlackBerry they want back.”

Winfuture: “This is the best of two worlds. Variety of apps with Android, easy handling, stable, high class material, sensational keys, and a dual display edge deliver one of the best Android phones out there”

Manuel Schreiber, CHIP: “You can use the hardware keyboard also as a touchpad, which is great! [The PRIV is] a fascinating device.”

Nils Mathieson/Christian Just, Computerbild: “The big and bright display, hardware keyboard, and great camera with 4K video are complemented by data security features.”

Frank, “Our first impression: solid workmanship, well integrated keyboard, the camera is good and the display is brilliant.”

Mal Geteilt, Android Pit: “The BlackBerry PRIV breathes new life into the dusty android smartphone market.”

Jan Kliczniok, “You don´t need to miss any specialties of BlackBerry here with the integration of Hub, Productivity Tab, and Blackberry Messenger.”

Volker Weber, “The PRIV looks high quality and is a surprisingly slim slider.”

Black Background PRIV by BlackBerry

Sascha Pallenberg, “The BlackBerry PRIV is not only the best business handset for Android, it is the best in the entire market segment. Probably one of the best smartphones of the year. Design, navigation, performance, battery, camera, software, the package from BlackBerry is unique.”

Tobias Költzsch, ”The PRIV is one of the most revolutionary smartphones of the year. The concept is really well thought through and PRIV has features that lifts it over competitors. Solid quality, great camera, keyboard and smart enhancements of the OS are well received.”

Moritz von Jäger, ZDNet Germany: “For the first time BlackBerry is offering an Android based device in the rare slider form factor and full hardware keyboard. This is not only interesting to BlackBerry fans but to anyone who needs his smartphone as a tool and not a toy.”

Want to buy a PRIV in Germany? Purchase from one of the following locations:

Amazon Germany
Media Markt

FranceBlackBerry PRIV Feature

Ubergizmo France: “The dream becomes a reality: At last, a device that offers the best of Android (Apps) and BlackBerry (Text messaging and keyboard). The physical keyboard is excellent as well as PRIV design and camera.”

Romain Vitt, Phonandroid: “The BlackBerry PRIV has all the ingredients to be the best Android smartphone.”

Rémi Jacquet, Les Numeriques: “The BlackBerry PRIV arouses curiosity. Its manufacturer has revealed its weapons in terms of security, major line of its communication. But Blackberry is not only coming with a secured smartphone but also high range technical features.”

Sales information for France is forthcoming


Emanuele Cisotti, Android World: “BlackBerry PRIV is the best BlackBerry device ever.”

Sales information for Italy is forthcoming

Hong Kong

Kevin Kwong, SCMP: “[The launch of the PRIV] is probably the best decision the Waterloo-based company could have made…in recent years.”

Vincent Lam, Oriental Daily: “As the first BlackBerry phone powered by Android, the [PRIV’s] pre-installed security features can minimize the risk of personal information leakage. Well worth the money for peace of mind.”

Holman Wong, ME!: “BlackBerry smartphones always give a sense of professionalism in the way they are presented. With the fabulous physical keyboard offered by PRIV, one can even get the full-screen experience while typing. I’m sure everyone will love that.”

Want to buy a PRIV in Hong Kong? Get it at one of the following retailers:

China Mobile
3 Hong Kong
Hong Kong Suning
Broadway Photo Supply
Chung Yuen Electrical Co
Nuance-Watson Ltd.
Wilson Communications

BlackBerry PRIV KeyboardSingapore

Elissa Loi, Stuff TV Singapore: “For a phone with nostalgic hardware elements, [the BlackBerry PRIV] is surprisingly forward-looking… If you’re hoarding a ton of top-secret information in your phone, the BlackBerry PRIV is the smartphone you want to be using.”

Sherwin Loh, Straits Times: “The BlackBerry PRIV offers great hardware and introduces new features to Android. If you want a QWERTY keyboard, it is the phone to get.”


The PRIV will be available in Singapore at the following retailers starting December 12:


reddit B&W PRIV photo

While you wait for your order to arrive, here’s a roundup of everything you need to know about the PRIV:

A full list of the PRIV’s features

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