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Q and A: How PRIV’s Unique Accessories are Designed for Productivity, Style (Pics)

12.01.15 / Vicki Walker
BlackBerry PRIV Smart Flip Case.

Case Closed: PRIV Smart Flip Case lets you see time, date, battery status, media and incoming notifications without ever opening the case.

Because PRIV, BlackBerry’s unique, privacy-enhanced, slider form factor smartphone, is unlike any other device on the market, BlackBerry’s design team was tasked with developing a range of accessories which take advantage of the novel form factor and make the device even more useful. (For behind-the-scenes info and exclusive images on PRIV’s design, see our conversation with the PRIV design team.)

BlackBerry Industrial Designer Cortez Corley, who headed up the accessory design program, spoke in depth with us about the cases, holsters, shells and other accessories that are already available for the PRIV at ShopBlackBerry. He’s also been working with top international industrial design schools to foster the next generation of designers through a PRIV case design contest.

Walker: What are some accessories that are already available?

Corley: We have a full range of carry solutions, thoughtfully designed to offer increased device protection and added convenience for the user, while complementing the stylish, premium character of the PRIV smartphone.

PRIV BlackBerry Slide-Out Hard Shell

PRIV Slide-Out Hard Shell is made from a glass-filled polycarbonate resin for light weight and good impact resistance.

The BlackBerry Slide-Out Hard Shell features a unique, two-part design. It allows for the normal operation of the PRIV’s sliding display while offering full protection for the device. It is made from a glass-filled polycarbonate resin for light weight and good impact resistance and features a molded-in diamond pattern for a secure, confident grip.

The BlackBerry PRIV Leather Pocket and Holster feature BlackBerry’s Automatic Power Saving technology, which helps extend the PRIV’s already-stellar battery life by automatically placing the PRIV into standby mode whenever it is placed into the case. Both products feature a convenient USB charging access port at the bottom of the pocket that allows the user to charge their device without removing the device from the case. Both cases are thoughtfully crafted to allow viewing of the iconic BlackBerry Notification LED which informs users of incoming messages and low-power battery status.

A new addition to the portfolio is the BlackBerry PRIV Smart Flip Case. Designed for those who value the ultimate in convenience and style, the BlackBerry Smart Flip Case offers a clever Smart Window. Through this window, users can monitor vital information like time, date, battery status, media content and incoming notifications – at a glance – without ever opening the case. Users can also answer incoming calls and continue the conversation while the case remains closed.

In addition to these carrying solutions, we also offer a range of power accessories that allow users to replenish their power supply in the way that’s most convenient for them.

BlackBerry PRIV Sync Pod and Sync Pod Nest

PRIV Sync Pod and Nest lets you dock the PRIV even while it’s in its case.

The BlackBerry PRIV Sync Pod allows users to charge their device and easily transfer data between their BlackBerry PRIV and computer. The Sync Pod conveniently and securely displays the device at an ergonomic upright angle for desktop or bedside surfaces and its Sync Pod Nest allows users to dock their device – even when it’s in the Flip Case or Slide out Hard Shell. Eliminating the need to remove the device from the case makes the charging and data syncing experience faster and more convenient.

Walker: How and why did you select the colors, materials, finish (CMF) and other materials used in the PRIV’s accessories?

Corley: We selected these materials with an eye towards premium style and enhanced comfort, protection and function.

BlackBerry PRIV Leather Holster

The PRIV Nappa Leather Holster extends the PRIV’s 22.5 hour battery life by automatically placing the device into standby when inserted, and enabling USB charging.

Genuine Nappa Leather was selected for its physical qualities. Its supple feel and smooth grain look great new and acquire new and distinctive visual characteristics as it is used. It also becomes softer with age, conforming to the shape of the device and feeling softer to the touch. These tactile and visual qualities, along with the pleasant aroma of natural leather, have made it a popular choice for premium, fashion-focused leather goods, like wallets and handbags. This has allowed us to add a more premium, fashion-inspired look-and-feel to our Pocket, Holster and Smart Case.

To support our functional and protective goals, glass-filled polycarbonate was selected for its light weight and impact resistance. These properties made it a good choice for products that are meant to offer greater levels of device protection, like our Slide Out Hard Shell and the rear shell component of our Flip Case. Parts made from this material can also be molded to precise tolerances, which make it a perfect choice to support the sliding function of our Slide Out Hard Shell. Additionally, this material also allows for the molding of the precise patterns that we sometimes use to achieve visual character and extra grip, such as the intricate diamond pattern used on the rear of the Slide Out Hard Shell.

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