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CES 2016: Catch Up On The Top Media Coverage About QNX, BlackBerry and Autonomous Driving

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”

The quote is from the now late but great David Bowie and is extremely prophetic when you apply it to autonomous driving. Autonomous driving is very much still uncharted territory. Investments in roadway infrastructures are being made, consumer acceptance is trending positive and, judging by the news and excitement from CES 2016, the future if anything will not be boring.

(Originally published on the QNX Auto blog.)

CES 2016 stretched into the weekend this year and ICYMI there was a lot of compelling media coverage of QNX and BlackBerry. Here’s a roundup of the most interesting coverage from the weekend:

Ars Technica: QNX demos new acoustic and ADAS technologies

The crew from Ars Technica filmed a terrific demonstration of the QNX Acoustics Management Platform and the QNX Platform for ADAS. The demonstration highlights the power and versatility of the acoustics platform, including the QNX In-Car Communication module, which allows the driver to effortlessly speak to passengers in the back of the vehicle, over the roar of an engine revving at high speed. The demonstration also showcases how the QNX OS can support augmented reality and heads-up displays:

Huffington Post: CES 2016 Proves The Future Of Driverless Cars Is Promising

Huffington Post highlighted BlackBerry and QNX as key newsmakers for advancements in driverless cars. The article notes QNX’s automotive leadership: “The software is actually installed in 50 percent of the world’s automotive infotainment systems including Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, GM and Chrysler.”

Crackberry: Inside the QNX Toyota Highlander at CES 2016

The folks at CrackBerry filmed a demonstration of our latest technology concept vehicle, based on a Toyota Highlander. The demo focuses on the QNX In-Car Communication acoustics module, which forms part of the recently launched QNX Acoustics Management Platform:

HERE 360: QNX and HERE bring to life a multi-screen experience in vehicles

A blog post from our ecosystem partner mentions HERE navigation and its use in the Toyota Highlander and Jeep Wrangler technology concept vehicles.

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