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Is Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy Good? Now Make It Even Better with Good Secure EMM Suites

01.26.16 / jeffmcgrath2


Just three months ago BlackBerry acquired Good Technology. Since then, we’ve been hard at work bringing Good into our enterprise software portfolio. Today, we’re happy to announce the first of many integrations, a new offering that takes enterprise mobility management to the next level.

Say hello to the new Good Secure EMM Suites now known as BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite. By combining Good’s leading productivity apps and robust secure mobility platform with BlackBerry’s leading security, we’ve created an EMM solution which not only offers business class productivity apps to get work done on the go, but protects their privacy as well. It also provides the gold standard for security– BlackBerry recently received Common Criteria EAL-4+ certification on iOS and Android for Good Work now known as BlackBerry Work, Good Access now known as BlackBerry Access, Good Connect now known as BlackBerry Connect, the Good Dynamics SDK now known as BlackBerry Dynamics, and several other Good apps; the highest certification level possible under the internationally-recognized program.

In broad strokes, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite offers the following in different combinations to suit customers’ varying needs:

  • BlackBerry UEM multi-OS EMM platform version 12.4
  • Certified mobile security with BlackBerry Dynamics secure mobile app platform and container
  • Best-in-class MDM/MAM supporting iOS, Android including Android for Work, BlackBerry, Samsung KNOX, Windows 10 and Mac OSX
  • All-in-one, business class Good Work 2.0 email and collaboration app
  • Good Docs secure file access supporting SharePoint, file shares, OneDrive and Box
  • Formerly known as Good Connect, BlackBerry Connect secure enterprise instant messaging for Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber environments
  • BlackBerry Access secure browser with SSO support for enterprise web applications and cloud[i] services
  • Deployment of ISV apps from BlackBerry’s broad partner ecosystem
  • Deployment of custom developed apps secured by BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Formerly known as WatchDox, BlackBerry Workspaces enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) including complete DRM capabilities for file-level security
  • Identity and Access Management capabilities to extend 2-factor authentication to mobile apps and to use the mobile device as a second factor for accessing corporate applications[ii]

Enterprises can choose between five separate tiers:

  • Formerly known as Good Secure Management Suite, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Management Edition: Designed for organizations whose chief concern is device control, the Secure Management suite gets organizations started with BlackBerry’s EMM capabilities and the BlackBerry Access secure browser.
  • Formerly known as Good Secure Enterprise Suite, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Enterprise Edition: In addition to the features offered by the Secure Management Suite, the Secure Enterprise Suite adds BlackBerry Work email/personal information management, providing employees with enterprise-class secure productivity.
  • Formerly known as Good Secure Collaboration Suite, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Collaboration Edition: The Secure Collaboration Suite adds Good Docs file access, native Microsoft Office editing, BlackBerry Connect enterprise IM, and app deployment of ISV apps integrated with the Good Dynamics platform to the Secure Enterprise Suite. The Good apps work together so BlackBerry Work can access documents seamlessly and initiate IM sessions based on a co-worker’s presence status.
  • Formerly known as Good Secure Mobility Suite, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Application Edition: The Secure Mobility Suite adds developer tools and unlimited deployments of custom built apps to the Secure Collaboration Suite. With it, internal developers are able to leverage Good’s development tools to add security, mobility, and platform features to custom apps, easily deploying those apps to the end user alongside Good and ISV partner apps.
  • Formerly known as Good Secure Content Suite, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Content Edition: The Secure Content Suite is our top tier offering, and offers everything in the Secure Mobility Suite plus a fully functional Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization (EFSS) system with complete digital rights management for file-level security policies. As organizations reach full mobile maturity and pervasively deploy apps and content that touch back end systems and clouds[iii], file level security policies enable IT to secure and control corporate content.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite will follow an established user-based subscription licensing model with pricing starting at $3 USD per user per month for the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Management Edition. The user based licensing model provides great value as users leverage more devices at work, while the subscription pricing future proofs customers’ mobility investment. The BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite can be deployed on-premise or via a cloud-based model, and are now being introduced to customers worldwide.

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[i] Certain capabilities may not be available in cloud deployments.

[ii] Ibid

[iii] Ibid

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