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Simplify Your Life With These Automation Apps on Your PRIV

MOBILE APPS / 04.21.16 / imraztoor

If you find yourself repeatedly doing things like changing the same device settings, setting the same reminder or sending the same text every day, automation apps can save you time, not to mention the risk that one day you’ll forget to do that daily task. Fortunately, the Google Play store has some great apps for your PRIV by BlackBerry that will make your life a lot easier. Here are some apps that will save you from a phone buzzing in the middle of the night or ringing during an important meeting, not to mention an angry colleague who didn’t get the message you’re supposed to send every day.


If you regularly do things like turning on Bluetooth when you’re in the car or turning off cellular data when you’re on your home Wi-Fi, Llama can simplify your life. This location-based app, pictured left, works with your phone’s GPS and performs actions based on where you are. The interface is simple and easy to use. It helps you set up and switch to different profiles with different settings depending on your location. Set up a profile for work, home, the gym, the car and anywhere else you may go. You can customize your phone’s ringer and sounds and choose to get phone calls from specific callers, even if your phone is on silent. Llama can even automatically change wallpapers, create events, play music, turn your device on/off, kill apps and a lot more.


Tasker is another great automation app, similar to Llama, that allows you to preset things like changing device settings or sending a SMS. Do you often forget to text your partner when you’re on your way home from work? No problem! You can create triggers based on location, time, day or events to automatically send a message. It also offers additional features, like waking up to a random song from your playlist, backing up files automatically, tracking your phone location in case of theft or misplacement, using text to speech for incoming calls and SMS, switching to airplane mode when not in use to save battery, recording battery levels, pausing and playing music based on certain triggers, and setting other combinations of context and tasks.


The Automate app allows you to create automations on your PRIV using flowcharts, which gives it a visually appealing and easy to use and understand interface. You can customize your phone to automatically change settings like Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi, and perform tasks based on your location or time, like sending emails or SMS, copying/deleting files from your drive, editing notifications, scanning your device, taking pictures or screenshots, etc.

iftttIF by IFTTT

If you are a social bee and don’t want miss on any updates during your busy hours, IF by IFTTT is definitely the app for you. IFTTT (If This Then That) creates connections between other apps on your PRIV, like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram and Twitter. (The image here shows some of the things you can do with IFTTT.) It also allows you to connect to devices like Fitbit, Philips smart lightbulbs and Nest thermostat. IFTTT shoots several triggers to make a call, send an SMS, react to photos taken, change profiles and do other online social activities like posting Instagram and Twitter photos, sharing Facebook updates on Twitter, posting YouTube videos you like to blogs and saving your tweets to Evernote. This app definitely has a lot to offer.

Try out these apps for customizing and automating tasks on your PRIV by BlackBerry. They are easy to use and set up and will give you an impressive variety of triggers, actions and parameters to automate a variety of tasks on your device and make things happen exactly how and when you want. Keeping on top of everything has never been so easy!

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