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Customer Love Still Reigns O’er the BlackBerry Classic. Here’s 14 Ways

05.19.16 / Nicholas Greene

Classic_Black-WhiteWhen the BlackBerry Classic was released, reviewers called it the best BlackBerry in years. It was a love letter to fans of the BlackBerry experience, and it’s still a standout member of our device portfolio. With the Classic at its most attractive price ever (skip to the bottom if you want to learn more), we decided to gather up some of the recent compliments showered upon the Classic by fans.

Classic’s Typing Experience is a Blast from the Past

The keyboard is awesome. It’s the old school keyboard I remember from my Curve/Bold days… I think this is going to be my daily driver with the Passport as a more than capable backup and my Z10 as the last resort BlackBerry. I’m loving actual buttons.” (CrackBerry)

“Got my Classic a couple days ago. It’s an absolute riot. Been wanting one since the BlackBerry Bold days but everyone was like ‘noooo, you’re gonna regret it.’ I love it over my iPhone 6+, and love I can finally use it w/ one hand! Also, typing is such a bliss on the Classic!” (CrackBerry)

A big part of the Classic value proposition [is that] the typing experience is unmatched. It’s also excellent for one-handed use.” (UTB)

“Had my Classic for over a year now and am still totally loving it. Love the size, keyboard and toolbelt… Frankly for me, it’s the best BlackBerry ever made. I’m using my Z30 as a media device. I stripped it of all my user data and loaded games on it and social apps, email and news. It’s great for that. I also stream music from it. Classic is an outstanding daily driver!” (UTB)

Classic’s Mighty Battery Keeps People Connected When It Counts

Love this little workhorse! Great battery, great keyboard, awesome size and shape, the call and end buttons are awesome, and I love using the trackpad for text editing and web surfing. The PKB shortcuts, screen and the stainless steel band on the edge and the frets are also great. I’ve had it for about six months and I’m really almost as excited about it now as I was when I first got it.” (UTB)

“I got my Classic on New Year’s Eve and couldn’t be any happier. This is my first BlackBerry and I do not understand the complaints that I have heard from people about BB10. This is a great Phone! It does everything that I want it to do. More than enough apps and the screen size is perfect. A very solid and well made device. The battery lasts me 2 to 3 days!” (CrackBerry)

Classic_White_BrickWall_FemaleThe Productivity Power of the Blackberry Operating System

“I use a Blackberry Classic on Verizon, after owning two Q10s. As a phone it is fantastic…Blackberry’s browser at one time was faster than even some desktop browsers. I don’t know how this compares these days, but I find sites are quick to load except some clickbait-y sites.” (reddit)

The Native OS is really fast for its specs, [and the] phone feels durable and well…I got the Play Store APK to work and about 75% of the apps work.” (reddit)

“I’m surprised to find that I love this phone as much as I did when I got it brand new. We all know better than to believe technical specs translate directly to a superior user experience, but I’m just having fun watching the hubbub while secretly knowing I have the better platform and device.” (UTB)

Classic_FrontThe BlackBerry Classic has been described as a callback to everything that makes BlackBerry great. With top-notch security, great and durable phone designs, and a typing experience unmatched by any other smartphone on the market, it’s no wonder #TeamBlackBerry’s still so taken with it. After all, you can’t help but love the classics, right?

You can own an unlocked Classic through Amazon for just $329.99, or buy one direct through ShopBlackBerry. Be sure to also check out our interviews with some Classic-owning professionals, including a PR professional and CEO, an award-winning journalist, an engineering operations manager, a video production company CEO, an ex-iPhone-using-tech enthusiast, a TV host, an author and radio star, a broadcast journalist, a Hollywood executive and a newspaper editor.

Finally, if you’re a business owner or an executive, check out our direct sales program to enjoy volume discounts on purchases of the Classic and other BlackBerry devices.

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