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Bringing Android to Work With BlackBerry UEM: BlackBerry and Google Alliance Explained [Video]

The partnership between BlackBerry and Google brings together the leader in mobile security with the world’s most popular mobility platform. Enterprises are embracing the Android platform to transform their business through mobile innovation, and the complementary solutions delivered by BlackBerry and Google accelerate that change while ensuring compliance with corporate security policies.

This article was written by Jamie Lambier.

The latest video in the BlackBerry Enterprise Technical Expert Series features David Arnold, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager at BlackBerry, and Nicholas Barretta, Sales Engineer at Google, speaking about how you can leverage the partnership between Google and BlackBerry to bring Android to work to transform your business.

The world has embraced Android. No other platform delivers the range of choice and flexibility for deploying a rich mobile experience to workers across the enterprise. Google and the Android for Work ecosystem rely on the strong partnerships they have with enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers, application developers, service and connectivity providers, and device manufacturers. BlackBerry’s partnership with Google covers all aspects of the Android for Work ecosystem. This is unique in that it gives BlackBerry the opportunity to influence and deliver the most advanced EMM solution for managing and securing Android for Work.

How Does BlackBerry Cover All Aspects of the Android for Work Ecosystem?

  1. As an EMM provider, we offer BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite. BlackBerry UEM, formerly known as BES12, and the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite, formerly known as Good Secure EMM Suites, offer an end-to-end software platform that secures all of your mobile communications – voice, text, messaging, data, and documents – and is 100% cross-platform.
  1. We offer our BlackBerry Secure Suite of applications, including BlackBerry Work*, BlackBerry Access*, BlackBerry Connect*, BlackBerry Workspaces,* BBM, and AtHoc by BlackBerry, that can be managed in the work profile. BlackBerry is the best solution in the market for managing apps. We offer immediate access to a full ecosystem of work apps.
  • For end users, the experience is seamless and familiar.
  • For IT administrators, the seamless integration with Google Play for Work means that any app in the Google Play catalog is available for business use in the work profile.
  • IT administrators can also manage custom apps.
  1. We offer secure connectivity with BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus. BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus gets devices behind the firewall and encrypts data in transit. For end users, this means that they have easy access to data and apps behind the firewall and an enhanced experience for data and video streaming. For IT administrators, this means there is no cost or need for mobile VPNs – a very attractive option for highly regulated environments.
  1. As a device manufacturer, we offer an enterprise-ready device with PRIV. BlackBerry has applied its world-renowned security model to Android and committed to support zero-day updates. Beyond hardware and OS security, we also protect end-user privacy.

Android for Work and BlackBerry are ready for your business now! You can leverage the biggest EMM solution, the largest mobile platform, the widest choice of devices to suit all needs, and a rich UEMecosystem of Google partners.

To start your free trial of BlackBerry UEM with Android for Work, visit or talk to your BlackBerry account manager.

Look for new expert videos about BlackBerry’s support for iOS9, BlackBerry Dynamics, BlackBerry UEM, and more coming soon!

*Formerly known as Good Work, Good Access, Good Connect, and WatchDox.

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